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2008-01-01 - 4:39 p.m.

I received a catalogue in the mail which being junk mail was not forwarded to the previous tenant.

What cracks me up is that this is ostensibly for a wholesale company which only sells to businesses:

Now what business would require the eclectic products offered? My favorite being the "body chocolate" which is only a few pages away from the "Footprints" poem message plaque.

I did find a really neat looking organizer for toys which reminds me of the ones at pottery barn which I can not afford. AT $13.95 it might be worth it if the shipping isn't outlandish... and boy would my "business" really benefit from organizing toys in the basement!

That's what really cracks me up! Other than one page with a few sticky notes, its a catalogue chock full of cheap junk.

But since i have paid all my bills and haven't purchased anything non essential in almost two years, I sprang for the organizer. Perhaps when it arrives I will have that motivation to clean the basement mess where the girls dumped boxes of toys in search for a desired one.

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