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2008-02-23 - 9:38 p.m.

While on the topic of Saints I have to add a link to a blog I found telling of the story of St Dymphma. I first heard of her when a friend at my parish brought me some prayer cards to pray a novena to St. Dymphma. She too has delt with abuse in her marriage. We had analogous experiences. She too was at that point at which her counselor encouraged her to leave and she was considering it. Then the miraculous thing which saved her marriage was that her husband finally was open to acknowledging that he needed help- and that in his particular case he needed Psychological help. He is bi-polar. That family is now faring OK thanks to Lithium and his ongoing treatment. Of course they all continue to struggle and I think his wife HERSELF is a LIVING SAINT! She gave me the novena and tells me she prays for us. She prayed for my husband who she thought was so like hers, and who she thought might also be manic. I kept the prayer card for a little while but then one day I think it annoyed me and I threw it out wanting to just be NORMAL and not have to be praying novenas for mentally ill loved ones. I just wanted to get away from it all.

So I did.

Here is the PATRON SAINT OF THE INSANE as described by a blogger.

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