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2008-03-04 - 6:38 a.m.

I am having a blast traveling this week. My marvelous man bought an RV and we hit the road for the first trial run. He plans on using it in the wide open spaces out West where he can go hunting and fishing for weeks on end in blissfull oblivion if he so chooses.
For this week, we hit a few campgrounds and spent time here:

I love theater! For live theater it doesn't get any better than Daytona.

As my boyfriend said, "If you want to feel young at 50, buy a Harley.."

It is just HILARIOUS that we saw only a handful of people under age 50, and frankly I think they were there as they were working. (The "shot girls" luring drinkers into their domain... and others...)

Its mostly a bunch of old guys trying to act like they are teenagers. Baby boomers who either never had kids, or now have an empty nest and are having some fun, wives in tow dressing like they are teenagers whether they can get away with it or not by the worlds standards. I have to give those ladies credit: If you've got it flaunt it, is a well know mantra- HERE it is "Flaunt it anyway" , and there is something that I think is great about these older folks having the confidence to dress as they please even when they all know they just look darn silly! Its a true celebration of FREEDOM more than anything. Just a blast to watch...

I myself feel like an understudy who never really learned the lines and just threw something together at the last moment from the costume room which isn't quite right but suggests the idea and the viewer has to use their imagination to fill in the rest.

Sometimes that is indeed the BEST theater... where one has to be imaginative...and a viewer.

So as I don my sneakers and kackis with the gift of a WINCHESTER VA Harley shirt, and hop on the back of the bike, it is somewhat amusing.

At least I followed one rule: You have to label where you are from somehow, whether it is a patch indicating which branch of the military, or a T-Shirt etc..

But I am most pleased to have been driven by my prince on his Chariot, accompanied by his almost brother biker friend, to my parent's home and dropped off for a few days with them. It was a lovely ride.... although we got to wonder after around the 70 mile mark about my Dad's assesement of riding on A1A feeling like one is "riding on the water." We were hitting lots of small towns, and stop and go lights... and I was thinking maybe he was getting dotty in his old age himself. I also was thinkin the characterization of a beautiful ride from a NYC born and bred snow bird just might be a tad different than what a Western Cowboy thinks of as a beautiful ride. So I was hoping the boys from our West were still strong on patience as we hit each light. Indeed they were... after we took a lovely lunch break and a rest for a while at a place described by my beau in answer to my question "What exactly is a tiki bar?":

" A tiki bar is typically a thatched hut covered with palm fronds.This is the corrugated aluminum version"

So once refreshed, it was decided to keep riding rather than have my Dad pick me up along the way. The boys have weathered much in life and could patiently handle a few lights and time away from the festivities in Daytona for me. It was a wonderful act of love that I am so grateful for as it was a long ride. We were happy when we finally did hit that beautiful coastal drive along the Sebastian Bay area.

My favorite part of the ride however was around Cape Canaveral where we stopped and picked just a few grapefruits and oranges. It was a lovely strech of groves to drive by.

Rain is in today's forcast. It is clear now, so I am hoping to enjoy a morning swim in my parents heated pool!

I was a bit surprised when I was asked "When is the last time you visited your parent's home?"

that the answer was "Ten years ago"

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