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2008-03-08 - 3:48 p.m.

I am happy to have returned home from sunny FL.

I was not happy to discover the gas company which I signed a contract with that indicates I am on the monthly budget plan of $300 a month, and that I have 10 days to pay a bill after they present it, and that they will not be responsible for failure to provide service of filling my gas due to "Acts of God, etc..."

happened to come by this week when I was gone, but rather than fill my gas,left a note on the door that I was OUT OF GAS.

Disappointing as they claimed they would automatically fill it each month, and I could pay the budget payment of $300 a month.


The good news is that I asked Westley to watch the kids one extra day as my ride wanted to leave Fri rather than THU. I said I would ask (he was enjoying time with an old friend he hadn't seen in a while) Since I got an OK in response, it was a good thing that I didn't go get the kids on FRI night and then return home to find no heat!

Other good news it is VERY WARM HERE so it wasn't a crisis!

Heat is on. I am going to call see if I can get the girls before 7pm tonight.

And the other good news- I suppose not running heat when not here has some impact on the environment, right?

This movement emphasizes that every small action counts:

I also got a reminder call I appreciate:
DAYLIGHT SAVINGS "SPRING AHEAD" is upon us! So tomorrow at 2am we are to jump ahead an hour.

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