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2008-04-22 - 9:47 p.m.

This is just too weird to not comment on. I mean some of us do indeed have bizarre intuitive moments, but it really does get to be just a bit much when the stangely bizarre conicidences happen with great frequency regarding quirky oddities. Like this SPAM email I receive, which is truly the only thing I look forward to when opening my spam folder and deleting all the rest of it. I highly recommend having these e-mails sent to your spam folder as it makes taking out that garbage amusing.

This silly junk mail comes courtesy of my friend Art who insisted on visiting some astrology site eons ago with me and showing me a birthday analysis of what a relationship with HIM would be like, and then doing a comparative analysis of the data of my now boyfriend's birthday ... Actually it was last June to be more precise, in one of his attempts to convince me I REALLY am meant to be his lady and he my man (It was the arty version of that quirky analytical OCD type character's risk assessment of the two women in his life from that really silly movie "Along Came Polly")

I am not one to make decisions about relationships based on calculated reason! Isn't that much clear?

Nor to I make them based on astrological forecasts, although I did find that very amusing. (The fact I have been left with these e-mails after visiting that site on that occasion is also a source of entertainment for me.)

Anyway, I found it entertaining that after my last entry regarding DOODLING, this e-mail should today show up in my SPAM folder:

" 22 Apr 2008 17:56:53 -0400

Last Quarter Moon, April 28th, 10:13 AM
Dear msafire,
Are you a doodler? Do you find that you have a tendency to pick up a pen or pencil and make little drawings or shapes when you are talking on the phone or when your mind is wandering? Doodles are sketches or drawings made while a person's attention is occupied elsewhere. Believe it or not, these scribbles, shapes or drawings can actually be reflective of what is going on in your subconscious mind.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I was talking with my dear friend Bernard about a small problem he was trying to resolve. During our conversation, he was doodling on a stray piece of paper, and as my eyes followed the shape of his little drawings, I realized that his drawings were actually providing an answer to his problem.

I pointed this out to him and, after examining his doodles, he agreed with me. He was very entertained by the prospect that his mind had provided an answer and said it was the cheapest and most pleasant therapy he had ever experienced.

It is well documented, Maureen, that much of our creative expression comes to us from our subconscious, and doodling is simply a manifestation of that creative expression. Doodling allows the subconscious mind to communicate through pictorial symbols, many of which have universal meanings, such as circles, spirals, crosses, flowers, etc.

It stands to reason that if this symbolic communication can occur through doodling, then if we wanted to, you could choose to make contact with your subconscious mind through some directed meditative doodling. If you are up for trying this, let yourself doodle on notepaper while you are mentally engaged in another activity, such as talking on the phone or watching television. Remember that it only really works when you are not consciously directing your scribbling actions. Afterwards, take some time to inspect your doodles for words and picture clues that might hold the solution to your problem or a helpful insight.

So, the next time you find yourself at a loss over a situation, give this technique a try. You just might find that your subconscious mind holds an answer. And now spend some time with your Health, Wealth, and Happiness forecast to see what is coming your way during the week.

Until next week,

P.S.: Please remember to add my email address to your address book to ensure that you receive your forecasts on time.

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