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2008-05-28 - 9:18 p.m.

Did I mention how much I love my job? **The one I will not ever really write about with any specificity!

Today was a wonderful day! After an absolutely fantastic day at work I enjoyed the practical and relaxing commute during which I read a novel.

Getting lost in a good book indeed is one of my favorite things.

Today I also discovered this wonderful organization. With gas prices so high it might be of interest to many folks out there:

Imagine your messiest closet-- that one where you have stashed stuff in a rush until it has one day dawned on you that it is an unruly disaster.

Now imagine coming home to discover that a dear friend has organized the chaotic mess into a clean, lovely, orderly space. Imagine that you can suddenly not only SEE all those wonderful shoes, but that they are on a shelf you can reach. Imagine that all the skirts are hung together, blouses hung together. Imagine a lost pair of earrings that apparently were in there somewhere are now sitting on the dresser. Imagine that there are suddenly shorts accessible in this warm weather (when you didn't even realize you still owned a pair that actually fit). Imagine there is a pile of clothing that is REALLY the old outdated stuff you would yourself have pulled out to donate to salvation army-- But it just miraculaously appeared there when you walked in the door after work! VOILA! MASSIVE OVERWEALMING TASK OF CLOSET ORGANIZING IS ALL DONE!

Now imagine that this came as a total surprise, yet with your permission so no personal boundaries were crossed and there was a comfort level with this being done.(But of course who would really BELIEVE someone who asks "May I organize your closet?")

Imagine that even though you think SHE MUST BE A CRAZY PERSON to find pleasure in this... that you are indeed getting this gift as you have encouraged her to do what she loves professionally and she is grateful for the support.

Now if your closet looks anything like mine, or your basement, stop imagining and send me an e-mail and I can refer you to the most incredible Organizational Consultant Ever!

So now, after a lovely visit with my friend who has gone, I am relaxing in the calm bright space of my home.

I also was absolutely spoiled this weekend! Sat was "Chorin" day (as my midwestern man calls it in a bit of a drawl.... "I was chorin...." (That makes me laugh as I think it so very cute for some reason) HE got his stuff done, and I just reveled in the joy of procrastination over a legal task I found daunting.

I just love those moments. They are some of my happiest. When procrasting, and just accepting fully that there is fear of a task at hand- I love to embrace the energy and harness it into things that I CAN achieve in the immediate moment with immediate results- such as CARPET CLEANING ALL MY RUGS, and ACTUALLY PUTTING AWAY ALL THE LAUNDRY THAT MY HOUSE GUEST WASHED AND FOLDED (She even matches socks...tellin you she is crazy and I love her! WHO MATCHES ALL THE SOCKS???)

What else.. Oh it doesn't matter.. What matters is that its fantastic to suddenly harness energy into positive action knowing I am ramping up to get over the hurdle of fear and just "Get it dun" as my Midwestern man would say.

But what is EVEN BETTER... is when I don't manage to then get something done, to have someone there that loves me for me, and DOESN'T TAKE ON MY ISSUES... and doesn't try to direct my action, but gives advice when asked, and shares when they are upset or bothered, but doesn't resent if I make a decision other than they would... and best of all, at the end of the day- TAKES ME TO THE MOVIES

It was a great weekend. I am sometimes just perfectly HAPPY in the knowledge of my own limits. I am perfectly HAPPY when I at times find a task daunting and can't achieve it. I am prefectly HAPPY to not stress about it and know with faith it WILL WORK OUT.

That is a quality I have: Unrelenting optimism and faith.

My friends have remarked they worry about me as I seem to just never worry. But then they remark when things work out as I tell them I expect them to that they are SURPRISED.

I am not. I believe we get what we seek and expect for ourselves. I believe positive energy yields positive results. I believe there is no sense in embracing anything that is not intrinsically of value. I believe there is no sense in dwelling on that which is beyond our control or our capability. I also believe that when something IS within one's capability they should GET IT DONE, but one has to know themself and know when to turn it over to someone else. I believe I have a good sense of both.

So Sat when I gave up on a task I really just can' do as well as if outsourced, I then totally relaxed at the movies with the wonderful satisfaction of all I did accomplish that day.

We watched IRON MAN which was the last thing I expected to enjoy- but I did!

On Sunday I experienced the most meaningful Memorial Day ever. I never before was so moved on this particular holiday as I was when participating in the Rolling Thunder commemorative ride through Washington D.C. I also never have met more VETS than I encountered that day. At times the emotion of it really was overwhelming.

Monday was spend in a lovely bike ride along some beautiful MD and West VA scenic routes. We enjoyed some nice stops en route,including to a restaurant which had a cave like feel with an outside wall of rock that I surmise was blasted from a mountain (like those you see when driving along highways in mountainous regions.) It was a really cool cozy setting. Then we stopped at a local West VA bar with an entertaining waitress and a bluegrass and folk playing guitarist. Followed by the lovely ride back along the Potomac which was incredibly romantic, with stops to stroll a bit along the water, it was just a perfect day.

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