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2008-05-31 - 7:33 a.m.

I am surprised the Doodle song isn't on the major works list for Sarah Vaughan.

In cleaning up I came across a pad that looked like it was full of notes from At work that I almost tossed. Then I looked at the flip side and discovered why I saved it. I had scrawled my version of the Doodle song after being inspired by my lovely girls one morning.

Here they are:

Woke up this morning
Gave kids the warnin
Bus would be leavin
So no more sleepin

The one gal got dressed,
Then to my distress
I caught her doodlin
Had to srip her down to wash
away the evidence
of dooling away

For you see her scrawls
this time weren't on walls
But pretty flowers on her ankles
and colorful trees
adorned both her knees

Got her all dressed and clean
back in routine
after doodlin away

Then went to my room
where put on my shoes
Came out to find her
once again doodlin
This time I stripped her
Gave her one spankin
Before the scrub down

Once again blue ink was swirlin down the drain
All that remained from her doodlin away

She seemed so surprised
And was so angry
That I would hurt her
With that one spankin

But we still made it
to the school on time
I've learned to drop her
Off even cryin
much to my distess
as the school mistress
values being on time
more than peace of mind

Time can be measured
and its by that tool
that those at the school
wish to judge parents

When school was over,
and we arrived home
opened the car door
to find more doodles
from sibling's noodles
donning their pale skin
with lovely tatoos

Joyfully beamin
laughin in complete delight
as they'd been doodling away

Later that evenin
opened my e-mail
there was a letter
talkin of doodlin
remindin us how it helps
solve the minds troubles

So I thought of my daughters
testing the waters
To see if their hot
Or if they are not

Knowing they wade in
deeper than they need
Just to be sure that
someone will pull them

Back to shore where they are
happy and loved and where its safe
to doodle away

So I decided not to be rid of
every pen and marker
but keep them under lock and key
to be handed out by me
and got Magic Erasers
with which to scrub walls

wish I could also
wipe out all their fears
Instead I let them play
a bit every day
and have lots of paper
on which they doodle away

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