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2008-08-30 - 11:58 a.m.

One of the first days that Soren arrived here for the summer he wanted to get on line to connect with his friends.

I set up a user account and unfortunately then couldn't sign back into my own account! That happened once before, when he was here over Easter or Christmas last year and then I just re-set up my computer by Restoring it back to its previous state. Then it had worked as it went to a recent restore point and all was well. I just let Soren use my account.

This time there was either a virus or spyware, which I am glad to be rid of-- but it could not safely restore to a previous point. It had to revert to factory settings. Not such a big deal-- UNTIL I realized I had recently downloaded a whole year of photos off my Boyfriend's camera chip and that I could not retreive them.

I was heartbroken over that loss.

But now I am feeling better as I just downloaded some newer photos and this time I checked the memory stick and they are still there too!!

WHEW I had asked my boyfriend about whether the chip was blank or if they were still there when I returned it to him, and he wasn't really sure.

I now am hopeful he actually has them as there were some wonderful memories I hope to have retained photos of. Maybe this is more important to me than some, this need to document. But it is important to me.

I just downloaded the recent photos as we are off to a hike. ( I can now clear the chip to take new photos.)

I took a wonderful photo shoot with my old SLR at this same spotwe are heading to, last Fall with the girls. Then there was brilliant colors all around and a stunning sunset. I was disappointed when that old fashioned roll of film later got ruined when somehow my camera got opened with it still in it. Those can't be replicated as they were just beautiful of the girls rock climbing. The sun and foilage was unique and wonderful.... Oh well... I have the images in my mind.

So I have had bad luck when it comes to photography lately. Its something which used to be a hobby I persued with passion, but I haven't had time for it. I need such singular focus to really tap into that creative pursuit.

I do hope to dabble more than I have.

Last weekend I enjoyed some lovely Master Gardener events, one which was the Lucketts Fair. I really enjoyed looking at the photographers work after I was finished with my duty of manning a kids activity. I walked around and apprechiated the many artists who were at the fair. There was a doll maker that had lovely dolls whom I know my mother would have enjoyed seeing the work of. I acutally bought a wedding gift for Rosita and her husband of a beautiful crock made by a potter. (I just have to figure out how to ship it to Buffalo in one piece.) She had one she loved so much she couldn't part with even though it was broken. I am guessing now that she moved in getting married it was time for that broken one to be let go of. I hope she and her husband like this new one I found for them as they start their life together.

I also recently enjoyed facilitating another kids workshop at Ida Lee park. It was a blast! I taught a group of little ones about the life cycle of plants and helped them plant lettuce to take home and watch grow.

I am pleased to be comfortable and confident in my job that now I can take advantage of their VOLUNTEER program. They let us take paid time off as Volunteer hours. So I did a few things recently and will pick up a few Master Gardener events and school events throughout the year-- all while getting my paid salary and the support of my company. That indeed is a blessing!

One of the most fun events with the Master Gardeners this summer was when Katerina and Soren and I all ended up getting to judge the cookies and pies and browines in competition at the the Loudoun County Fair. I had volunteerted to be a judge for 4-H as they needed help. Other Master Gardner friends were there judging the flowers and various entrys. I had the needlepoint exhibit which I judged and then the cake, pie and cookie folks were getting so sick tasting them all that the kids and I got to take over and help them out. It was really a fun experience.

Off to see what the girls are getting into as they are packing their lunches for our hike. I just heard "Don't tell Mom"....

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