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2008-08-30 - 6:42 p.m.

Bummer I came home with a yellow wildflower on a tall stem which has a hollow stalk and I was so optimistic I had found some Jewelweed.


This is Jewelweed:

(Did I set a record for the longest link? If so I bet that means I hold two records as I am sure to be in the running for longest journal entry...)

Jewelweed is the natural antidote for poision ivy. I am glad to have found a soap good for the relief of poison ivy at the Lucketts Fair last weekend. Darn I haven't written in a while and forget the psudo name for girl # 2 who has the serious poision ivy allergy. She and I both caught it just now at the end of the summer. Her Dad told me that last week when with her he brought her to the Dr for a Fever and that it was a severe reaction to poison ivy which she is so highly allergic to. So she is now finishing an antibiotic for that.

NO time to identify the pretty yellow weedy flower I brought home as I now have to make dinner. We had a wonderful hike today though on the Appalacian Trail. We then stopped by my man's home for a brief raid of his freezer where he had ice pops for the kids which were refreshing for them after the hike. They were hot and tired by then! They were SO TIRED that after that break playing with his Dog and eating the ice pops they were SILENT in the car. So I brought them over to the Trappist Monastary in the area (just ten minutes from his mountain home) and attempted to enjoy a peaceful prayer experience with them. Alexy decided she didn't WANT to be silent- so that peaceful prayer time together lasted all of five moments. But then the girls got to play out on the lawn as it is so lovely and spacious and SAFE and I could HEAR them while I sat in the final pew and I ENJOYED the quiet reflection of the Monk's vespers for the remaining 25 minutes.

It was a lovely day.

I hope tonight the girls sleep well! Last night they came home and were so excited by a gift of bags of new clothes for them from my sweet man that they just had the hardest time settling. The sparkly star skirt was too much for the one gal... OH Katie is her psudo name which finally came to me! I think the attempt to pray with monks was motivated to balance the morning play of the girls where they decided to "Decorate our belly buttons" while playing dress up to become BRATZ ROCK ANGELS inspired by the snazzy sparkly clothing.

I think I do a darn good job of providing balance for them!

Off to make a balanced meal... I'll throw some broccoli in that bribe of Kraft MAC and Cheese for dinner which was offered when I said "Alexy, If you behave and stay in the seat with your seat belt on we can have WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR DINNER." to which she asked "Can I make it too" in negotiation before agreeing to the terms of that offer.

Time to go assist the chef tonight and inform the other one we won't be throwing the yellow flowers into her bath water.

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