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2008-09-23 - 9:39 p.m.

I think this is hilarious. I just came home after going to my Monday night Bible study for single mom's. The church that has that group had been the one that was so gracious in helping us out with back to school. Thanks to their generous gift the girls all got to go shopping at Kohl's for new clothes for school.

I had the girls make a lovely thank you card, and one Sunday we went to the service at the church and gave it to the pastor and thanked him. Halfway through the service I looked behind us and lo and behold, there stood someone who knew us very well. That same acquaintence chatted with me after the service over coffee and it turns out he is good friends with the CEO of VA REgional Transit. That happens to be the bus company which while it offers wonderful service, fails to have a direct commuter bus heading west other than the one with the first stop being D.C. I therefore have to take four different buses to get to Ashburn for work. It takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours for me to commute by bus to and from work. So lo and behold I mention my commute and he says "I am meeting him for lunch on TUE. I'll talk to him. That has to change!"

Now this is a get it done kinda fella. He also just seems to know EVERYONE... so will likely get that done.

GOOD NEWS I received an e-mail from the Loudoun Schools that they are going to provide bus service to my girls! WHOO HOOO VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT! Now I won't HAVE to take the bus while leaving the car with the nanny to drive them to and from school. That is a HUGE improvement. So I can drive them and go to work and be home MUCH EARLIER! I then can take the bus on the off week when I don't have the girls in order to save some money.

WHat I think is hilarious is that I had this real sense WE WERE SUPPOSED to be at that Service that Sunday at that church. The reading was of the debtor who was unable to pay the debt to the landowner, who bestowed forgiveness on him. The debtor, a laborer, then went to demand payment from one who owed him. HE demonstrated a lack of mercy and forgiveness and therefore the landowner recinded his good grace and punished him throwing him in jail for his debt. Well I felt like after being threatened to be thrown into jail for a debt I didn't even argue against but proudly said I would pay when I can was an interesting situation to have just been my experience. I felt like the reading and subsequent discussion afterwards with the pastor and adults at what they call "adult Sunday school" was so on point it was remarkable. I said to the fellow I knew "There is no such thing as coincidence."

Therefore I found it tremendously funny to discover when I went to my Bible Study tonight THAT I Unknowingly went TO THE WRONG CHURCH THAT SUNDAY! It is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the one where I go every Mon night for the Bible study! I find it hilarious that I hadn't realized that error until tonight! We gave the card and thank you to the wrong pastor, and thanked a few of the wrong ladies in the group serving that morning. They of course DID HELP a few needy families this FAll... so no harm done!

I just have to get my girls to make MORE Cards to deliver!

And I know it was no mistake that I ended up where I did this past Sunday... it just wasn't part of MY plan!

There are no coincidences.

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