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2008-09-23 - 10:14 p.m.

Music pick of the night


Glad to see the Evans boys are doing well.

Check out that FRO:

Neal is the cutest dude ever-- however he wears his hair. I'll always think of him as that fifteen year old kid who played in our living room with greater maturity and focus than many a musician.

I was thinking that these dudes were in D.C. WRONG Its NYC... Its the other younguns that were friends with my City Honor's friend who went on that Mexico trip who are in a band in D.C. I can't recall that band name however. One of these days I will recall it, look them up and perhaps make it out to see them. Hard to believe my friend who ended up dating one of these Evan's boys way back when was a high school student at the time... and now my own daughter is a City Honors student. Time flys!

I initially came on line to search for the City Honors schedule as I hope to make it up to Buffalo for a game to see my daughter as a cheerleader. The site of City Honors alumni led me to the Evans boys tonight. Always a pleasure.

WAIT I almost forgot... I just recalled that ANOTHER of my girl friends dated an Evans boy. (Actually both dated the same one, at different times.) The one who dated later in time hooked up with one of the bros AT MY WEDDING! That's a great memory HA HA (AND My mom was like 'Who are these dudes crashing the party?' They were not on the official invite list but we heard they were livin in NY at that time, or gigging there , YES that was it-- we went to hear THEIR gig after the wedding reception. They were playing with PETER PRINCE At the time if I recall correctly out on L.I. That was some band. So we just HAD to add the Evans boys to the guest list at the last moment. I told Mom to relax as SOMEONE was going to not show. Isn't that what Always happens at receptions? So she could deal with the Evans boys and Kiernan and Maeve who were in town from Ireland coming. (Kiernan and Maeve were friends from the Mexico missions trip in 1991)

My friend that hooked up with the Evan's boy at my wedding is the same friend who dated Rick James years earlier(no lie. He lived in her home town.... HEE HEE not that I am disclosing too much identifying info of her....She swears he treated her very well despite all his dysfunction of later years. That had to be twenty five years ago when she dated him. All her friends of the nintys thought that was just hilarious.) I do believe she was one of the most fantastic soulful female vocalists I EVER HEARD! Wish she was still singing! I miss her along with many other Buffalo friends. A definate look up of her is in order next time I am in town as its been a few years since I last met her for a few hours. She always cracks me up. Last time I saw her I recall her calling a restaraunt to see if we could get a table and it was booked. She has a way about her which is so funny and hard to even describe. I recall her saying to the dude on the other end of the phone as he told her there were no tables, "What about my needs?"

It of course was HOW she posed the question that had him and us all hysterical.

Tonight my needs are being met by Soul Live... Utter relaxation!

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