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2008-09-30 - 9:48 p.m.

I had one of those intuitive moments this weekend. Unfortunately it was late on SUNDAY when I was getting ready to bring the girls to a BARN DANCE that I suddenly thought:

"The National Book Festival was yesterday and we missed it."

I hadn't looked it up to see when it was this year. I MEANT to do so. I forgot about it. Then I had that thought... and of course my NEXT thought was all REASON and denial of such things like intuition being a legitimate source of knowledge. I RATIONALLY thought... "Maybe its not this weekend. Its usually in Sept though so I think we likely did miss it."

:( We missed it. HOWEVER

:) to the affirmation of my strong but at time freaky and uncanny intuition. I have a theory about this sense which is more attuned than ever before in my life. My theory is that when one's intuition is awakened out of visceral NECESSITY -- when you have experienced that FEAR moment which you can read about if you care to (common among those who experience domestic violence and legitimate threat), that that sixth sense TURNS ON,and is TAPPED INTO... and then for some reason afterwards remains a stronger sense than before.

There are studys that show if you have that sense of impending harm so strongly NOT TO IGNORE YOUR INTUITION.

I am SO happy to have had such POSITIVE WONDERFUL INTITION over the past couple of years! See - There IS BALANCE. After the low of the fear, I am lucky to have these consistent, small, remarkable moment of intuition that comes to me in positive ways.

Next year maybe the intuitive knowledge of the book festival will come BEFORE the event.

Maybe next time I lose my keys I can tap into that gift.... (HA HA)

The book festival came to mind again tonight as Katie came home with a Scholoastic Book Order form. I AM SO EXCITED that THE FLEDGLING which had been at one point OUT OF PRINT is one of the offerings! There in fact is a Newbery Reader package of Eight paperbacks for $21 which I am SO THRILLED ABOUT. I just couldn't resist that for the little girls! Best of all, we have only read 3 of the 8 books in the bunch! WHOO HOO!! Outstanding selections for bed time storys. (Although I admit I will definately read THE FLEDGLING to the girls AGAIN before starting a new one!)

We have been reading the OZ books for bedtime. I love the way the Frank Baum books are so very different from the movie adaptation.

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