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2008-10-18 - 6:09 p.m.

I recently went to Maine to enjoy the lovely fall leaves. My boyfriend and I met his sister and her family and enjoyed lobster which we purchased off the lobstermen on the docks for a small amount over market value. (Sadly lobster was then $2.20 a pound as the economy his hitting them hard!)

One of the highlights of our time in Maine was really enjoying the company of a photographer that we just hit it off with. I was happy he was so gracious to play a game of pool with me while my beloved watched his favored football team play while we were in a local sports bar. The photographer and I were well matched as pool players- both incredibly inconsistent as I suspect he like me alternates between enjoying the talk and companionship, and then taking the game seriously and getting focused and a bit competetive;if only for a moment. All one needs is a moment to get a few balls in on one shot to be ahead, then one can go back to fun bantering and not caring about being good at the game.

So it was really fun that he indulged me. My parents had a pool table in our basement so its something nostaglgic and fun for me.

I just found his work on line and am just blown away by this one image:

Our one disappointment of the trip was that we had planned on meeting him another evening and I got sick after eating at a suspect restaraunt. My boyfriend said "I have a bad feeling about this restaraunt" But he deferred to my thought to eat there. Another example of why one should always trust your INSTINCT more than your REASON. The night before we stopped in to check out the restaraunt bar, choose not to stay there, and even though we hadn't even drunk there we had chatted with the lonely bartender who gave us two free shot glasses advertising the place. I thought he was kind and my empathy kicked in... but it was a THOUGH, NOT INSTINCT so I should have known better that to encourage we eat dinner there! It was terrible! I had stomach distress, and I nursed my gurgling gaseous painful self the remainder of the evening in the RV while my sweetie watched TV. We never made it back out to meet our newfound friend as planned on that night. (Nor had it occurred to any of us to exchange phone numbers.)

We also hoped to go to an opening reception of his latest show- a wine and cheese affair ; but the family didn't vote for it and we were spending time with them that particular day. So we missed that.

We felt disappointed we blew off this new friend we made a great connection with. After we blew him off we strolled into town one day and discovered his work.

The one image above is so brilliant! Even if we are never in touch again, we enjoyed his company on the night we did hang out. (We had stopped at another local bar for a beer for my sweetie after having met and chatted upon meeting the photographer, and soon enough, in he strolled too! The bartender of this 2nd establishment we hung out at is one of his models as he was chatting with her about a project in an old abandoned building she was thrilled to have discovered. I also recognized her tatoo donning her arm when we checked out his gallery (in one of the georgous works of their collaboration.) So it was funny that he choose the same place to go bar hopping to we had, and we then enjoyed a continuation of our conversation. My boyfriend in particular felt like he met a true kindred spirit. The photographer had said "I am sure we will meet again" upon parting that night... so we shall see.

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