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2008-11-02 - 10:30 a.m.

My oldest, Katerina is excited about her new T-Shirt:

Valdmort Can't Stop Barack!

I never did get my ordered bumper sticker, which is a good thing as I VERY quickly went to a web site that I THOUGHT was the one with the WARNER/OBAMA signs... and it ended up being a site called:

"" for WARNER MCAIN fans here in VA!

(That's what I get for guilty using the work computer for something personal like politicial expression. I was RUSHING and on the site for all of a minute and didn't read carefully! I felt somewhat justified as my employer mailed me a PAC letter asking me to contribute and join.. But alas I don't want them trying to GUIDE My vote. But I thought that it was then fair enough to take the moment to order my desired bumper sticker.)

I WANTED the OBAMA WARNER one. OH well...

I AM PLEASED THOUGH that when on a lovely motorcycle ride through rural southwest VA, from Paris, through Upperville, Marshall, on the way to Manassis-- There were MORE OBAMA than McCAIN PALIN SIGNS!
I PROJECT THAT OBAMA TAKES VA, and here is the kicker: I think he will even win LOUDOUN COUNTY.

With the deomgraphic changes and a more diverse population that has been here in the past I think there will be a shift. But if he wins Loudoun, it will not only be attributed to that, but also to having won votes from those who are tradidionally conservative. We shall see...

I happen to LIKE Sarah Palin! YES I ADMIT THAT. I think the media has done a job on her. I think she did have some interviews where she was not quick enough and avoided directly answeing the question. But hey- I RESPECT And UNDERSTAND SMART BUT AT TIMES A LITTLE SPACY AND LACKING FOCUS. I can FORGIVE THAT. I think that for those who are afraid of her view on Abortion (Who are not conservative like me!), that she is a strong proponent of STATE RIGHTS. She consistently says let the consituents of each state decide issues like education, and abortion policy. So I think we won't end up with an overthrow of ROE V WADE no matter what happens in this election. Even if McCain wins and ends up with a fatal heart attack and Palin is President one day I can't see women going to black market shops and bleeding to death. I think our country has progressed to far to allow that to happen. ANd if ROE V WADE were overturned, I don't see our JAILS being filled with WOMEN calling them CRIMINALS. I mean the reality is that anyone can look out at their block, or their family tree, or their co-workers and the women they meet EVERY DAY an KNOW THAT IT IS NO SECRET, although not discussed as it is a PRIVATE issue-- that THERE ARE MANY OF THOSE WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD ABORTIONS. ARE we going to fill our jails with our sisters, mothers and neighbors who have had such?

Yet I wonder, HOW CAN SOMEONE BE TEACHING HATRED OF THOSE WHO SUPPORT SUCH, As I heard being taught to children recently. Don't these people who teach that have ANY EMPATHY for THEIR OWN SISTER, or THEIR OWN AUNT or THEIR FRIEND who has had an abortion? Or are these people SO ANGRY about other things they won't name, that they teach this hatred of others in ways that are still socially accepted by some? To me it is just sad to see little ones vehemently calling their own family members immoral. YET IT HAPPENS.

This rant stems from my own children having been taught that. I think that is unconscienable that my children would come home from a visit with their FAther and then JUDGE ME when I answered their question of who I am voting for with responses that "You are voting for the baby killer?"

I was appalled: First that the whole concept of abortion was explained to my children age eight and younger. I don't think children that young should be troubled by such issues which I see as adult topics of discussion. Teenages, yes, but young children? MY GIRLS-- Three of the six children I have borne - the fruit of my pregnancy and YES VEHEMENT PERSONAL BELIEF and CATHOLIC VALUES OF THE RIGHT OF LIFE AND MY PERSONAL BELIEVE TO NEVER HAVE CONSIDERED ABORTION were JUDGING ME. I who have ALWAYS BEEN GRATEFUL THAT I would have AS MANY CHILDREN AS I WAS BLESSED WITH.


I think that is SO TWISTED.

I tried to be more balanced and indicated "Girls I happen to be Right to Life on that issue. I don't LIKE abortion ANY more than your Father. I in fact ALMOST TOOK A JOB Working with the group that works to make Abortion not available and offered to women. BUt I didn't as I decided NOT TO DEVOTE LIFE WORK to change that issue in our society, and likewise I AM NOT VOTING FOR PRESIDENT ONLY ON THAT ONE ISSUE. HOWEVER As one who IS RIGHT TO LIFE I LIKE OBAMA'S POSITION.
I told them that on the abortion issue Obama said "NO ONE THINKS IT A GOOD THING FOR ANYONE TO HAVE TO GET AN ABORTION. WE ALL AGREE THERE ARE BETTER WAYS- SO lets focus on the things we AGREE on and try to find where we can work together."

I told my girls I turned down a job to work to make it a crime for women to kill their babies and then go to jail as I thought that might not help the world the best way I could. I said, EVen if I THINK IT WRONG, there are MANY WOMEN OUT THERE who have done that.

I told the girls I choose to instead work to help the teenagers with unplanned pregnancy. Lets assist in pregnancy prevention. Lets not JUDGE EACH OTHER AND TEACH HATRED OF THOSE WHO DON'T AGREE WITH OUR VIEWS. For those who are so old fashioned and beleive absteinance education WORKS then TEACH IT, SET THE EXAMPLE. BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR FAITH AND YOUR BELIEF AND THAT YOUR PATH IS SO RIGHT THAT IT WILL BE CONVINCING TO THOSE YOU ARE RAISING BY EXAMPLE.


I think that breeds ANGER And HATRED more than love.

Lets HELP the single moms and the teenagers who have kids. LEts show up as Right to LIFE supporters at their door with cribs and car seats and embrace them and love them.

I had been involved in the Sidewalk Counseling of the 80s. That was before people came out yelling at women hideously Calling them "murder" When the intent was to offer SUPPORT and ALTERNATIVES" AT that time we really DID go in and hold the hand of teenagers from PA as they prepared to get their abortions when they were alone and so afraid of being disowned by their parentes. OF course we first offered them alternatives, but we didn't ABANDON THEM WHEN THEY CHOSE OTHER THAN WE WOULD. WE LOVED THEM. I think of my friend Elizabeth who held the hand of a few young teenagers. She was the one brave enough to go inside with those girls who didn't opt for adoption. In those small moments with teenage girls from PA I would like to think sha and I made a difference in the world that perhaps may have had as much of an impact in changing the world as being Assistant Editor could have. I like to think that the Assistant Editor role is one which is "preaching to the chior" Whats the use of investing time and energy to write and talk to those who already share your view? I would like to think that reaching out and holding the hand of someone who doesn't share my view is perhaps more powerful. It perhaps is one in which LOVE is powerfully present. I believe that can overcome boundaries of doctrine, or difference,of FEAR. I think that is what can really change the world. It might seem a small thing, but I think there is power in small moments.

Which is why I think Obama may win not only VA but Loudoun County. I believe I am not the ONLY one who is CONSERVATIVE And RIGHT TO LIFE who sees OBAMA as one who understands that power in connection and Love over FEAR as the source of our foreign and domestic policy.


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