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2008-11-17 - 10:43 p.m.

I have had a lovely day. I am happy to have landed a freelance writing gig. Its just one column in a magazine which will be published in MAY. It will be a fun project and if I do it well perhaps it will lead to other opportunities.

Sad news from my favorite city:

I am really upset by the fact my friend and her daughter were in a laundromat Fri night and witnessed a man who was shot come in seeking help. They also experienced a bullet whizzing by them, as it came through the wall into the laundromat they were in. My friend called 911 for the man.

I just can't imagine what that will do to her daughter who witnessed such violence and tragedy.

It makes me tremendously sad.

The first snow fell today in my area. There were light flurrys. It is pretty! One of the ladies at the Bible study tonight was so cute as she excitedly said "I have to get my sled out!"

I don't think there will be enough for that, but her expectant joy was delightful.

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