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2009-01-20 - 11:38 p.m.t.

We had a lovely Inaugaration celebration!

A few friends came over and shared dinner and company with us tongight. IT was such a lovely spirit of Celebration!

Pocohantas really wanted the day off to try to make it to D.C. to be a part of history in the making. She however hadn't thought of this or discussed it with me until last week- not realizing the Inaugaration was so quickly approaching! So by the time she mentioned it (TUE) I knew some folks already had off work, and told her I would see if I could get the day off and for her to let me know by WED if she wanted to work or not. She hadn't decided yet. But when I came into work WED morn my co-worker told me that she asked for it off and our Boss said she could take the day AS LONG as I wasn't!

She acted like it wasn't a big deal then but since then made a few comments indicating it erWAS important to her. So we were both happy that the lovely sitter I hired this summer was home and said YES to watching the girls when I thought of her and called her at 8:30 this morn.

The girls were thrilled to see her and her daughter again.

We then came home to our fun gathering. A lovely day for not only us, but our Nation, and I believe the Whole World that celebrated today!

I was touched byut the poem and benediction after O'Bama's speech.

TO BED NOW. The afternoon at work WAS busy as it turned out so I had wanted to relax after our dinner gathering and putting thfor a whe girls in bed for a while reading and writing before turning myself in for the night.

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