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2009-02-13 - 10:13 p.m.

Work has been going well! WHOO HOO!

I received my raise and bonus information today after a positive review from my wonderful former boss who was promoted.

I am so happy with the new boss who is equally wonderful,and who pushed me to produce the best work possible and continue to grow and learn and improve.

I am enjoying the new project I am temporarily on, and apprechiated that in my review today my old boss said the new one was looking for a project for me on which I could apply my strengths. I responded that I apprechiated that and also noted she chose this for me as it will also strengthen my attention to detail. The work I am doing is as detail oriented as any could possibly be! It is definately a challenge !

The other fun aspect is that I had opportunity to train the two temps who were hired on for this. I really do love that role of teaching and training. I sometimes can teach others how to do things better than I can actually do them myself! I am really enjoying the wisdom of the one temp who is a remarkable lady I am fortunate to work with these few weeks.

The only drawback is that during the past two weeks of the ramp up period of learning what I was doing, and assisting with the others learning as well, I have not had any time to go visit the gym. I believe next week I will be able to get back into my workout routine. I just couldn't take the time while learning new responsibilities.

Life is Good!

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