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2009-03-21 - 4:41 p.m.

This blog is too lovely not to share here: It's a lovely Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed spending the day in the demonstration garden where I was delegated a flower bed to be the caretaker of this year. I also volunteered to ensure the worms are fed and watered weekly should we have a worm bin. That was a big hit with the kids last year so I would hate to see it go.

After working all day in the garden with another gardener we discovered that she lives in my old neighborhood. She is a lovely person I look forward to working with the season out in the garden.

For now, we are calling the children's garden "The Mystery Garden" We uprooted all the perennials and moved the raised beds back a few feet as our section has been expanded. I have NO IDEA what most of these herbs are, but will find out soon enough as they come up. I resorted to asking some of the more experienced the vital question "SHORT OR TALL?" in the planning of the beds as I returned the perennials to them That was my simple design technique: USE what we have so as to not waste it nor spend any money on these beds, and plalce the tall plants in the back and short in the front. I will add color with annuals.

The one plant which of course I readily recognized was MINT. I was sure to try to remove ALL I could find-- postive a batch of it will still crop up somewhere in the garden as it is so invasive. The kids do love it in the childrens' garden, but it has to be managed. I figure that is the best way to manage it- try to remove it all which is really impossible! I came home with some Lambsear and IRIS as there was way too much of those which required thinning. I put them in the ground at my home with a small plastic toy rake as I haven't any gardening tools of my own yet! Tonight I was so tempted to go see Richie Havens at the Birchmere. I decided however that as I have enjoyed him a couple of times, and just last year went to Wolftrap to see him, that I would instead spend that money on myself for a change by purchasing gardening tools and some of the vegetable starter plants at our upcoming Master Gardener Plant Sale which is SAT APRIL 25th from 9AM-1pm. Some of the Master Gardeners have started the plants under lights as they do every year. They run fans to strengthen them and have some wonderful elaborate set ups for plant starting in their homes. Its a marvelous operation, and our biggest fund raiser of the year. I decided I will put in a veggie garden this year, as I haven't done so in the past two years. I'm looking forward to it.

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