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2009-03-27 - 6:51 a.m.

This video is so incredible moving. It was a terrific start to my morning:

I am sitting home checking e-mail before I bring my car in this AM for some needed work. I had a tire with a leak and kept re-filling it. I discovered that one shouldn't drive on a tire with too low air like I did for too long, as when you ride on it without enough air you ruin the tire by wearing out the side walls. I hasn't initially realized how low it was so drove on it too low for who knows how long.

This week I did enjoy going into work early as I caught a lift and my ride works earlier hours. So I was on an 8-4 schedule all wee. That was nice for a change. I was actually in by 7am so I took some time to do a few things like finish an article up and send it off, and write a poem one AM. That extra early morning time is nice. This AM I have that time here, but since home I am checking e-mail, and web surfing which I wouldn't do at the office so I find that extra hour there is more productive. Its good to relax thought this AM on this week that the girls are with their Dad.

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