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2009-06-06 - 10:49 p.m.

Lately I keep losing entrys, before they post, that I have spent time writing for here!

My cursor is also bouncing all over the page. IRRITATING!

I'm thrilled to have bought a used 1999 Toyoa SIENNA for my clan! Its wonderful! The Volvo had too many problems that it would have cost too much to repair it in order to pass inspection at this time. I am going to garage it and wait til I CAN fix it to then assess if it is worth fixing to pass on to Katerina. I think that is a great, safe car for a new driver!

Memorial Day weekend was really fun as the girls and I went to a picnic at the home of one of my Bible Study class friends. It was lovely! She had a pool for them, and she lives close to a fabulous creek the girls loved exploring in.

The next day My Sweetie had us over for a picenic at his house early. He set up an inflatable pool and the girls had a blast.


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