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2009-06-14 - 11:30 a.m.

One of those odd moments occurred the other day after I wrote about "contempt" in the courts. I came home from work to find my notes on case law on the subject, which I prepared for an appearance in court over a year ago sitting on the middle of my bedroom floor.

It was strange as I has not unearthed them , so who knows how they happened to have appeared so conicidentially just then.

I however have long ago learned to not worry about such moments, other than to document and tell someone of them who won't think:
1. I am CRAZY having a PTSD moment OR
2. This is something to really be concerned about.

WHEW That feels better. The way I handle such moments of possible intrusion into my private life is to document.

And move on...

The thing that compelled me to write this AM is the relalization that I am SO LUCKY to have the job I have as it is a STEPPING STONE for me in becoming a better writer.


I was pondering how much I apprechiate the opportunity to work with one particular lawyer of late. She is a TOTAL PERFECTIONIST, and a fanatical nit picker who does so kindly,a grammer guru, former English teacher and magazine editor, and one whom I am finding to be a wonderful mentor.

The other CMs express frustration when working with her and I was trying to figure out Why? Why do I LOVE the opportunity to work with her? This week I sent her a draft on Wed which had it been sent to any other attorney in our group would have been reviewed, OKed with minor feedback, and out the door and signed, sealed and delivered by Thu or Fri. It wasn't returned to me by Fri evening. That is the kind of thing that drive the other CMS nuts as I think they worry about their turn times taking longer and that reflecting poorly upon them. I think the attorney worries more about QUALITY not being the best and reflecting poorly on us as a group, as well as individually. So there is the balancing of the two values. The way I see it, our group HAS THAT BALANCE built within it by having a variety of people with differing strengths and weaknesses. So if something has to be turned over quickly, I am your girl. I can crank our a contract in record time. THAT IS if you don't mind a few nits here or there which I overlooked... If something is going to a persinicky Customer, then my CO WORKER is your girl. Have her draft it and it might take a day longer, but it will be more likely to not have any errors. Likewise with attorneys each had a different forte.

I realize this morning as I was pondering what I would like my next writing project FOR FUN to be- that the key difference between my enjoyment of working with this attorney and my co-workers is that I see myself FIRST AND FOREMOST as a WRITER. I am becoming a better writer every day due to her feedback. The others see themselves as in a JOB. I see this job as a career which will make me better at what I see as my avocation in life as a writer.

So it might seem silly, but I ENJOYED sitting relaxing in the bath this AM thinking about the latest GRAMMER tip I was given.

I just hope this attorney lasts in our group for a while! The concern I have is that the others are increasingly frustrated with her feedback and constructive criticism and see her as inflexible and having to have things done HER WAY all the time, when another path will get one to the desired end with LESS RESISTANCE. I DO see that perspective as she doesn't keep anything simple. She questions and prods and seeks greater undersataning and CLARITY of the written word to an extent most don't go to. YES, it takes MORE TIME, and MORE EFFORT. I for one apprechiate that, but I might be THE ONLY ONE in this small moment who does so. Time will tell. In any case I know the quality of my work is improving as a result of my experience with her. I hope that is also true of the others in my group, and as time goes on the turn around time will decrease as we immprove such that there are less "nits" for her to find and work out. I see that happening already, as on a call this week one of the product engineers commented "... I know, I ended that sentence in a preposition." WHOO HOOO NOW THAT IS PROGRESS! She even has engineers in groups we work with more aware of grammer! As they write the content we are editing, that is a HUGE accomplishement.

Its good to see the BIG picture!

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