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2009-07-02 - 11:52 p.m.

I am so proud of Katerina! She received music for the International Youth Orchestra just four days ago and played just beautifully! We are enjoying a wonderful week with guest from Bolivia here for the orchestra. Katerina's teacher is marvelous and is happy to take her on as a student when she arrives each summer.

Soren had a nice time with a friend taking the bus to the Mall today. We were disappointed that the summer theater program which was going to put on TOMMY was cancelled due to under- enrollment. He is going to be busy however as a volunteer for an upcoming program for younger students as the Director was in need of a helper. He also got recruited to do some other volunteer work to help out with parking for their 4th of July function.

Tomorrow is the concert at Reston Town Center which is always lovely. Then the next day is the fabulous 4th of July concert which will culminate with fireworks at the park.

I love having the international students here over the 4th of July again. Its a highlight of our summer! Next year the Orchestra will be in Venezula! Katerina is looking forward to that.

My dining room is now filled with joyful noise of singing, and drumming and clapping as our Bolivian Guests and Katerina and Soren are making music.

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