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2009-08-07 - 8:42 p.m.

I hate when I write for 15 minutes and lose the entry.

Edited version as fresh brownies are now ready and I am going to join the kids in watching THE LION KING:

Fabulous productive week at work.

My unique gifts were apprechiated and I definately felt like I personally bring talents to work which are valuable. Even if I don't draft perfect documents (and they need editing), I do have a tremendous ability to understand complex issues rapidly and draft a contract in record time. So when that is needed I am so happy to be able to do that. Boss was very pleased with my work (even though she did edit it much like always!)

I also have this ability to SEE the MISSING PIECES and pull all the loose ends together when we get a deal and it is not fully fleshed out. Its a great gift, even if after I am done with my piece my boss needs to review and catch the errors in FORM and FORMATTING and ORGANIZATION of the material. At least I have captured all the essential content (and even know when someone forgot to mention a significant thing that should be included.)

SO when something really is a true emergency escalation, time and time again in my group I can get it done with confidence when others are really just afraid to even touch it. They get nervous under those circumstances, and I get energized.

I swear the more complex the work is, the better I preform.

That shouldn't be a surprise however as I think that is true of many ADHD folks. Its the EASY stuff we find challenging as its just so darn BORING so we have difficulty focusing and are keeping our minds occupied by thinking of other things. But give us something truly complicated and hard we are suddenly truly ATTENTIVE, ENGAGED and FOCUSED to that ridiculous level of hyperfocus and our brains then process complex material in record speed with incredible vision and clarity.

I so enjoy those moments!

The highlight of my day however was coming home to pick up the girls and finding them all in a lovely happy mood! Their Dad seemed to be in a genuinely good mood tonight. I think the truly absorb whatever his mood and opinions of the moment may be, so when he is angry they come to me angry, and when he is pleasant they come to me pleasant.

IT was such a delight that they came home being courteous and nice to each other. Katerina and Soren were SO HAPPY As this is the first transition moment they have witnessed this summer where the girls were not coming home to be volitile and then violent with me. ( NO one hit me tonight!! WHOO HOOOO!! Its sad that typically one of them starts to become agressive with me out of the blue.)

Off to watch the movie with them! So nice to have calm quiet time with all my children!

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