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2009-09-05 - 3:24 p.m.

I want to share the good news that the teenager who was my former favorite sitter who struggled down a self destructive path is attending a winderness program for girls in Utah where they are brought in touch with nature, God and themselves by setting camp out in the wilderness: learning teamwork and healthy interdependence on each other and to overcome selfishness.

I am so happy her mother was able to achieve her goal of getting her there.

I heard a quote I liked much recently : "Never confuse compassion with weakness."

I am so grateful for the compassion all showed me when I was in need. Likewise I hope to demonstrate and share compassion with whomever I can when I am able. Funny though that sometimes people do see that as a weakness; yet I don't see why. I don't think compassion ever takes away a receiving individual's self responsibility, but I do believe it can often give them the strength and encouragement to believe in themself and BECOME more responsible. We all hope that is the case with this lovely, talented, spirited young woman. She so connected with my girls as she loved and UNDERSTOOD THEM. SHE WAS LIKE THEM AS A LITTLE ONE! She received such an outpouring of love and countless letters of encouragment from those who came to the fundraiser her mom ran to raise the money for her theraputic program. I hope that flooding of love really makes a difference in her life and she can be a beacon of hope for us all of re-birth and redemption.

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