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2009-09-20 - 11:10 p.m.

Maybe I am a bigger risk taker than I realize. I returned tonight from the road trip to NY with my little girls and cleaned out a car full of crayons and peanut shells. Yes- I am likely the only person crazy enough to have served peanuts in the shell as road trip food. I packed them intending for them to be eaten at the park as we spent the day at Central Park going on a really fun hike on my brother's 38th birthday. He commented as we arrived at the park entrance as I was towing kids AND a birthday cake that it reminded him of a bad reality show challenge " Are you ready to find edible mushrooms and roots! First you must eat some cake in record time...."

It was in fact a Foraging Tour with the Wildman

There were enough scavengers there that we quickly got rid of the sheet cake as I had with help from other tour attendes before we all set off. (It was kind of ridiculous carrying that thing through the streets of NYC as of course the closest parking was not exactly near the park. But I had to have the BD Cake for my girls for it to be an official party!)

After their fill of the Wild man's funky food- curried sunflower seeds, marinated chicken mushrooms which my girls actually liked, and our packed normal turkey sandwiches, no one wanted the peanuts I lugged. On the ride home the kids were hungry so I fed them the peanuts rather than stopping and adding time to our travels.

I was glad to have brought the peanuts as a lady from India was on the tour and she was just thrilled as she hasn't had peanuts in the shell since she left India and she was overjoyed. They reminded her of growing up as a kid eating them.

My back however does hurt a bit from lugging around the bag with the food in it, which in fact was weighed down by the 3 lb bag of peanuts. Like always I did the packing in record time and didn't think to put only some of those into a container rather that bring the whole big bag. I have to say thought that when getting tired driving those peanuts WERE THE BEST SNACK! They gave me energy and I was very alert after eating them. I gave a group a good laugh when I arrived at the Sheetz and came out of my car near the garbage can to empty the shells from my lap.

The joy of that laughter made it worth the experience of having a messy car to clean!

Happy laughter!

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