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2009-10-09 - 1:19 a.m.

I thought of a poem that I wrote last Spring. It was about my now Ex Boyfriend's pattern of cycling through women every couple of years. That year and a half mark is when he starts to plan his exit. I hoped that if I adressed the issue perhaps this time he would do something different from the past. He actually DID like the poem. I always loved that comment which this starts off with which my co-worker and friend at the time uttered to me when I was falling in love with my Ex- Husband years ago one April. The phrase just stuck with me as so poetic sounding that I resolved someday to turn it into a poem. So here it is, inspired by Hayden (namesake of a poet laureate who prefers when people ARE NOT poetry afficandos whom inquire about his name, known as famous only to poetry lovers):


“You just have Spring Fever;
Everyone falls in love in April”

So spoke the man with a poet’s name,
although he was not himself the poet,
but rather destined to go through life as the namesake
of a man of fame, yet not with pride
but with shame.

And so it is
that the poets are tortured souls that bring beauty to strangers
though suffering,
through suffering.

And so it is that you do fall in love each April
You with your yarns and words poetic
written in that Springtime fervor
with passion and pride to the muse of the moment;
who seem to flow in and out of your life with the changing seasons.

Your bear coming from the lair
of winter
shaking off the nightmare of disturbed sleep
with the breaking fever restoring health,
Awakening joy again
your yearning soul once again reaching out for inspiration,
stimulation to stoke the burning embers of your desire
re-awakening your sleeping Spirit.

You desire to feel alive more fully
and I wonder at those small moments in which you lie
to yourself,
in which I know the unspoken truth
that these are not little things
of which you do not speak,
reminders of broken heartedness
better left unspoken,
secrets which you cling to like a security blanket.

Yet I wonder,
do you know that you have few secrets?
for our souls speak and when your mouth is not congruent
my spirit hears the truth and yearns for you to not be afraid,
flashes of insight come
followed by validation.

Like most matters of the heart
there is little proof
other than love
and the stronghold it has.

A fragile thread of connection
we know can both be broken, and cause breaking
when we don’t accept its strength,
allow it to be.

Don’t be afraid of the need for poetry in the Spring
and warm blankets to which you retreat
hunkering down for the winter blues.

For it is in winter one will really get to know you.

And One will still love you.

With hope that One is enough
and whom you see
with stars in both your eyes
come Spring Fever.

For, Everyone falls in love in April,
Some, more often than others.

I am still torn at which is a better ending. I recommend this poem be read twice. Once in full (with the humor of the last line "some more often than others); and then again a Second time with the more profound ending of the last lines being:
"And one will still love you,
With hope that
ONE is Enough"

.. I think it should read
"With knowledge that
One is enough"



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