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2009-11-28 - 10:57 p.m.

Today was such a lovely day! The girls enjoyed working on their homework in the morning or reading; Fabulous leftovers of course for lunch; New clothes ordered from JC Penny's arrived for the girls; Wonderful children's concert here with friend Nancy:

It was a delight to take the girls to her show! It was about 10 years ago when I babysat her daughter so she could go preform a concert.

Her daughter also sang beautifully with her and was the puppeteer for the show. It was really delightful.

I can't help but love that she had the most awesome Jembe player that she works with. He's really great with kids and fun to watch- and had just GREAT HAIR like my Soren.

* Which only adds to the aesthetic of a good performance. Massive curls poppin out all over wildly!

Lovely day then for playing in the park; The girls were truly spoiled as on top of that they returned home to watch a Hannah Montana concert that Raitlin brough home from the library.

It was a nice day without any drama.

The only disappointment was when Soren called to tell me his report card arrived. HE was exhuberant a few days ago as he had been told his grades by his teachers and he had 100 in Theater- the highest grade in his class. That's something to be proud of as a theater major at a preforming arts school! He also did well in the academic areas. However today he was upset to report that he failed gym! How does one fail gym? By losing your only pair of gym shorts and failing to mention to either of your folks that you only HAD one pair of gym shorts and REALLY NEED MORE!

Anytime I ask Katerina or Soren if they need any clothes they both say "No." Then comes the follow up question "Is there anything you WANT? " with the same response almost all the time "No"

I get the sense they feel guilty at times to ask for anything and I wish that were not the case. When Soren came to me this summer he had ONE pair of shorts but when I asked if he needed anything he said "NO" Once I realized he only had the one pair of short we did go shopping! (But those apparently were not gym short.)

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