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2009-12-04 - 5:52 a.m.

Taking a moment to write before taking my bath and then awaking the girls. Was up at 4:30 AM to make some Turkey salad and pack lunches.

Just amazing to me that the scrutiny of my family is so acute however I am the one being targeting. That's just so very sad. People see what they WANT to see and look for validation of the beliefs they already have. Remarkable phenomena!

I got an e-mail from the school counselor worried that the girls did not have enough food in their lunches! 1/2 cup almonds (Protein packed nutrition there), raisins, a tomato, 3/4 cup goldfish, and about a cup of cooked carrots.

So most parents don't send in cooked carrots for lunch. Most parents send in a sandwich. However I was out of bread and tired after writing my letter to the school regarding their overreaching of threatening to take me to court as an unfit mother, so I did pack what did not require the additional 45 minutes of preparation yesterday morn.

Considering Raitlin told me "Yes it was enough food. I threw some out as I couldnt' finish it" I KNOW that it was more than sufficint.

Of course the almonds are as nutritious as a peanut butter sandwich- however are SMALLER so it just LOOKS like less food.

Ce La Vie...

I can't worry too much about it.

This morning I did have the energy to get up at 4:30 AM like I often do to prepare lunch.

What amazes me is that I go the extra mile for nutrition and we don't eat fast food or even prepared foods EVER.
My kids get more nutritious food than most. NEVER soda, never candy except for Halloween and Christmas and special occasions. I make pancakes for breakfast once a week at least, a pot of hot oatmeal, and eggs and bacon in the mornings. I mean it is so darn rare for me to even serve cold cereal! *Which I did do this week for a rare occasion as I had the legal research and writing to do on top of my normal routine.

So here I am a mom who also makes healthy dinner and then packs LEFTOVERS for lunch in a very unual fashion I am sure. Maybe the kids don't like bringing in leftovers from the night before, but it works for me and is healthy. We did discover however after one experiment I tried on a busy week that cold hotdogs are rather unpleasant to the kids! * An old college friend regularly would eat them cold from the fridge so I cooked them one morn and packed them in lunch as an experiment.

Other than that nitrate filled experiment, as I think hot dogs are perhaps one of the world's most disgusting food products when one really thinks about what they are... the kids eat well.

The irony is that this week we had an USUAL occasion of me having actually had bought rare treats I don't get to stick in the girls lunches. The girls were thrilled as an apple, banana or carrots are the norm for snacks sent in. This week they had OREOS and store bought Chocolate chip cookies as well as some of those chewy fruit snacks early in the week. Departure from homemade which is usually par for the course here. My sitter who watches the youngest is so sweet and bakes with her. * Which reminds me I do have an easy Cranberry bread mix they might have fun making today as an activity.

Today's snack is a pomegranate which I bet the girls will find fun. I forgot I picked that up and found it still in the corner of the fridge. I still recall when my law school classmate introduced me to that fruit for the first time. I had never before eaten one and recall fondly the lovely young woman who was excited to share hers upon learning that.

Raitlin is up and at em really excited to wrap up her project she is proud to bring in today. Yesterday she made the tiniest clay renditions of the food the Seminole Indians ate to add to her triorama which has her model of a home the Florida Indians lived in. She did a nice job with it and was thrilled when she found the fern leaves which were a good imitation of palmetto leaves for the roof.

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