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2009-12-08 - 11:59 p.m.

I got a hilarious letter from someone at the school acknowledging that I met with the Truant office ( I did , as we just HAPPENED to be running late on Friday after a last moment impulsive change of plans in which I decided to take the little one to school rather than to the Dr. for an unnecessary follow up visit. I then had to run back inside and get her inhalers to give her a shot of each, which last four hours, until after school is over. So we then ran a little late and came in at 8am sharp and there was the truant officer.) The follow up latter mentioned some BS about how I recognize the right to interpret the laws as they do.

Since I walked into the office and noticed the truant officer had showed up I thought I might as well grant the courtesy of meeting her a few moments. She's not a bad person, so when I saw her I was gracious and conciliatory to go to the meeting as I felt empathy for her and thought it wouldn't be nice to waste her time since she went out of her way to be there.

First however I asked if they had INVITED the girl's Dad, and suggested we re-schedule. They said NO they hadn't but he was aware of the meeting. I said "O course he is as I e-mailed him of such" and reminded them "However if this is part of your process to follow for legal action you need to involve him as well as we share joint legal custody."

They argued they do not as he gets the girls on time when with him. I responded "If you would like to make a difference then you really HAD best involve him as he is a parent with an obligation to teach the girls to be on time ALL THE TIME , and by actively TELLING THEM NOT TO LISTEN TO ME, I think he is failing in a parental obligation. So as long as you are going to be overreaching and take on parents issues, you might as well address the real heart of the matter and include him as unless you address that issue of him actively telling the girls NOT TO LISTEN TO ME, it really won't get better."

But I met with them anyway for a while after that beginning. The funny thing is there was a letter sent to me acknowledging the meeting and then saying absolute BULLSHIT about how I had acknowledged that the court was interperting the law correctly. What I shared with the dimwit Truant officer who apparently didn't understand is that I DID call and speak with the court intake officers who DID Acknowledge that the Truant officer tries to bring cases all the time! The intake officer of the court ALSO SAID "THe judges are actually looking at the issue of whether they can broaden the interpretation of the law to include cases of tardiness. "

What if of course hilarious about THAT admission of the court intake officer (Who was really a LOVELY LOVELY PERSON I ENJOYED TALKING WITH!), is that the only way the court can even test the waters is to have a TEST CASE!

AH!! Perhaps I should be so HONORED to be considered for such an important moment in VA LEGAL HISTORY in which our courts are considering extending control into the privacy of peoples homes! But considering this is VIRGINIA where the state motto I have been told is "DON"T FUCK WITH THE FARMERS"
and where Domestic Violence seems to be not only PERMISSIBLE but then also Statutorily PROTECTED as for some bizarre reason those laws of protecting the right to corporal punishment here in VA seem to have been interperted that you can also PUNISH YOUR WIFE with it... Well there seems to really be a strong precedent for the courts NOT BEING OVERREACHING and trying to control what goes on in the home.

Likewise, I highly doubt that EVEN IF the court decided there COULD be an action to discover what the hell is the problem in my home that the kids consistently arrive as the bell rings or just moments afterwards during the pledge... but can't just get our butts present in school just a few minutes earlier... THAT the courts in VA are going to deem it their domain to solve that serious issue. Act


Blast of a weekend! I was THRILLED to watch Soren's fabulous performance in his school play! Then on Mon I had the pleasure of going to Katerina's choral concert at City Hall downtown. It was beautiful!
She is so excited to have auditioned and landed a spot in that select chorale as well as being in chorus. She is studying music theory and motivated and going to Orchestra each morn where she is a first violinist. She is thrilled that for her birthday gift her Grandma and Grandpa from Philly are giving her private violin lessons again!

I enjoyed a lovely afternoon taking her to my fav Buffalo restaurant Gabriel's Gate. We then enjoyed far too much time in Rust Belt Bookstore. She was excited to find a linguistics book! ( Quirky kid!)

IT was really funny how thrilled she was to come across that.

Great time with Pocohontas and her daughter hanging with us in our Buffalo world. Gracious friend went out of his way to set up his pad for us all. He was traveling for work (in West VA of all places) but then returned to join us for some socializing.
Last night was a lovely evening. Started off after dropping of Katerina with roommate not yet ready to meet as she had to get her little ones to bed first. My host therefore offered to take me out for a nice dinner wherever I chose. I chose Japanese where I had the best sushi EVER!

It was really fun in particular as my date for the evening speaks Japanese and I think was thrilled to banter with the waitress. We later had a blast hanging out with my old college roommate over coffee at Starbucks. Later it was sharing of NY wine ( A rare treat ! This was nice Finger Lakes sweet red) and watching The Bucket List which is such a fabulous movie. It was great to connect with my host as all weekend it was a whirl of activity with my world descending on his place but I hadn't had time to talk with and listen to him until last night. Old roomie and he and I haven't laughed so hard in a long while.

Today was also spent between quiet time at my friend's (While he was off to work) and then the remainder at old roommate's home as we enjoyed lunch and then vegging at her house with her little boys before she brought me to the airport.

It was a wonderful weekend!

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