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2009-12-12 - 10:29 a.m.

Bummer. Soren's actress girlfriend's latest movie has a bum review from Rotten Tomatoes.

She also is in another recent film which actually looks rather funny but is a bit, how shall I say-- edgy for a 15 year old!
AH but as I write I find that it did win best feature at the Seattle Independent Film Festival:

Her standup routine at LA Comedy Improv is likewise also very funny but the content did have some humor that was more mature than I would have expected for a 12 year old. (She was 12 when preformed there) Some great lines but obviously written by an adult. * But who knows, that was what my SHA English teachers seemed to always think about my papers that they then checked sources for and those always WERE my work, so it might not really be a red flag.
( Total aside here: Maybe it is not good that it still makes me laugh at recalling this memory: As I sat doing "remedial" work when my 12th grade Engligh teacher didn't accept my paper as my own I watched for a good hour while two little old nuns smugly smiled and checked off each reference on my paper- NOT finding the books or articles in the SHA library for that one particular paper on Graham Greene. It was the smiles as they found that each reference was not in the library which irritated me as the ASSUMED that validated their suspicions that the work was not my own. It was one of those moments where people SEE WHAT THEY WANT; not realizing that one can ONLY SEE the VISION THEY CREATE; Kinda like court experiences.I waited til they were done to quietly walk up and say "By the way, you have to go to the Hofstra library as that is where I did my research.")

Soren's girlfriend really seems like a sweet girl and seems happy and balanced from what I hear. I met her ever so briefly as she was off with her family after Little Shop of Horrors and Soren was off with his. It didn't occur to me until too late that it would have been kind to invite them to join our clan. I did see her mom go up to Soren and give him a dozen red roses after the show. *And he better have sent a thank you note! ( SHH... don't tell ... he left them in the dressing room along with his winter coat! Lucky for him someone else ALSO gave him a dozen red roses so I think he won't be found out! The director ? I forget who!)
It was the first time I didn't send or bring flowers to one of his performances! This was the one to forget that for, since he was the lead and it was covered! (HA HA)

I did google the summer theater program that his girlfriend has participated in Hollywood area the past two summers. It seems amazing- for professional actors. The kids are talented and the agents basically offer many of them jobs after their performances. That is likely how his girlfriend got her first commercials and movie gigs a few years ago (after that summer program.) She was in a Coke commercial that ran during the 2007 Super Bowl among other things.

What I thought was SO COOL was that this quality LA program costs LESS than the summer programs here in overinflated Northern VA! If I could come up with it, and if Dad were on board I think it would benefit Soren to send him there. Although he doesn't need an agent any too soon... that will come in its own time. I feel like there is NO NEED to push him. Selfishly it might be nicer for me to enjoy him hanging out at home at least one more year over the summer. However I am not so naive to think that its OK to have kids totally idle. What's that saying? ( I love the internet! I googled and found it) "Idleness is the devil's workshop"
This summer will be the one that the International Youth Orchestra is off to Venezuela (and I am pretty sure Dad supports Katerina participating.) That means this might actually be a better summer for Soren to do something like that 3 week program as Katerina might be off as well.

Heck, if Soren came back with an agent and got a few commercial gigs a year it would only be a few days of working here and there, right? We are not talking about handing him over to the care of Disney... which would be a totally different thing. Heck if he wanted that it would be OK I suppose,but I seriously wonder if that is the best thing for any kid. I think they often grow up TOO FAST when entering that professional entertainment industry too young! So personally I would PREFER that he develop more slowly in his career.. kinda like Jesse did! He could be the next Jesse Martin... take his time, have a normal childhood and then blossom as a young 20 something. YEAH I like that idea...

I am done watching his rendition of "Grow for Me" for the umpteenth time ... Grow for me Soren, just not TOO quickly ! ( HA HA!)

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