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2009-12-16 - 5:25 a.m.

This case is a good reminder why ANYONE WHO KNOWS AN ABUSED WOMAN OR ABUSED FAMILY should make it a point of actually gathering EVIDENCE. Hard to think about when concerned with safety in the moment- but VERY important for long term safety.

It's also a reminder that anyone with Mental Illness issues EVEN IF ONLY ADHD that causes Impulsiveness is the total extent of those issues, would do well to contact to seek legal representation rather than go to court PRO SE! Its great to know one's own limitations, however it is even MORE important when it comes to court matters to know OTHER's LIMITATIONS in how they perceive mental illness.

VITAL to realize that OTHERS have a REALLY LIMITED VIEW of the capabilities of those with mental illness.

Others have a really hard time accepting that anyone with mental illness could be successful *Depite the many FAMOUS folks who acknowledge such!

To manage to be successful in life with any mental illness requires great Compassion, forgiveness of other's limitations in this regards, but also PREPARATION to face such FEARS in other people!

If I were to do it all again , I would have benefitted from someone telling me that going into a court and ATTESTING to my own ADHD would automatically put me at a disadvantage in the legal realm. I was quite naive to that (because my whole life I have been VERY capable and successful and therefore assumed others could only view me as such!)

HERE's a link for legal help it would have behooved me to find a few years ago. Maybe it can help someone else find a referral and not be as naive as I was:

Yet to be honest, I wouldn't trade that naive belief in the good for anything. I STILL Believe that these few negative moments of my credibility and my ability and my character being attacked will pass and that in the end LOVE IS STRONGER.

I still would rather be Happy than be RIGHT! I believe that is due to the knowledge that it IS my inner joy which I draw upon to find the strength to be successful despite challenges. Its that belief in self, joyfulness and optimistic view of the world that I face the world with every day. I feel like to have invested more energy in litigation, or evidence may have just tapped my energy and I didn't want to risk upsetting my own balance by focusing on the negative. I hope that in the end that was not a mistake!

Hmm, now that I think about it I KNOW it wasn't a mistake as I chose to focus on the CHILDREN rather than legal issues. The one time I was late a few weeks ago is because I took time to respond to the legal claim that the school made.

That is a reminder why it is just not worth investing my time and energy on! I have more important things to do- like get sleep and be well rested to take care of little ones in the morning. Back to bed after this typical vent so I can happily forget about any recent claims of me being a poor parent, and awake afresh ready to have fun with my girls in facing the new day.

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