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2009-12-19 - 12:49 p.m.

That't it. Kids grow and you can't stop it!

I thought it was really cute and funny that Soren posted a link to a summer program on Facebook that he is excited about. He told me his theater teacher wants him to go to it.

Summer studying intensively in NYC area.

So my worry over coming up with the funds and the place for him to stay for the program I found is relieved! I think I won't have to worry about that. I KNEW if I could come up with both and present the idea he would be on board. But now it looks like that will be taken care of as the one his teacher wants him to audition for has SCHOLARSHIP money and is by audition only and seems incredible.

So I have a hunch Soren will be studying theater in NY rather than LA this year.

But it ALSO just occurred to me (don't know why I didn't think of her immediatetly!) that he does have an AUNT who lives in LA! She is a writer for NBC, and I am in touch with her on FB regularly so its funny that she didn't immediately come to mind when I was wishing I knew SOMEONE I could arrange for him to stay with for three weeks there in the summer!

I anticipate it will be a short visit of a couple of weeks to VA and then both the older two will be off experiencing some wonderful things elsewhere. The IYO isn't firmed up yet as they are considering Spain as a possible destination as well as Venezuela. The director can take the kids to Venezuela anytime, so if the opportunity to take them to Spain works out I think she will jump on that this year.

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