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2010-01-05 - 10:12 p.m.


I will NOT forget that I am making Turkey Soup tonight.

Well, I DID forget already... so now that I got that out of the way it is time to REMEMBER and continue to be CONSCIOUS of the WONDERFUL smell of Turkey stock which is wafting through my home.

I am glad I went downstairs for some reason... I enjoyed sine Chocolate which was a lovely purchase at 75% off! AH that's why I went downstairs, now I remember-- to get my new books from Borders and bring them upstairs to read.

One is called A NOVEL IN A YEAR and seemed like a good investment for $13.95.

I also purchased The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing.

I received a lovely gift card for Borders from the one attorney (the editor) which was a nice Christmas gift.

I tried to shop on line for books on Child rearing and discipline. But to be honest I have read them all before 1,2, 3 Magic etc... How to Transform A Difficult Child...etc...

The library has them all as well.

So I thought in the interest of the New Year and my own personal goal, I would instead FOCUS on writing my novel.

Here goes!

Good thing I forgot to bring the books upstairs or I may have forgotten all about the soup on the stove!

That would have been a rare departure from my norm! I USUALLY only forget about the Turkey soup AFTER it is done and cooling (not in the making stock phase while still on the stove!)

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