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2010-01-06 - 8:47 a.m.

8:47 AM
I HAVE to take the 5 minutes to write! Limiting this to that time.

This morning I awoke to the familiar whirring sound of the Garbage Truck Engine. My first thought was a happy one thinking of the Christmas Gift of a HUGE Recycle bin that Pocohontas gave me. (The little one disappeared months ago from the curb and RECYCLING is truly one of her passions in life! Pocohontas washes even ziplock baggies to be re-used! Yes it can get irritating to have them laying around drying out, but at the same time I love her for it. Boy my mom who had a hard time with the fact I don't buy paper products and go green with handtowels and napkins would likely go nuts around Pocohontas who takes that to a whole new level!)

My second thought was "It's late! I better get up!", as the garbage truck making the recycle pick up comes around about 8:30AM.

My next thought was "Good thing the phone is ringing. I fell back asleep"

Good thing also that those Buffalo Bill Collectors don't have the courtesy to call folks after 9am!

I got a wake up call after falling asleep from a bill collector asking for me by my old married name!

I said "Yes this is she, and you are a scavenger bill collector trying to collect a debt which I a paid my responsibility on, the remainder which my now Ex Husband accepted responsibility for ten years ago, which has long ago been charged off for the tax benefit of the company, sold a number of times,and is long past the statute of limitations as collectable."

I then hung up and SMILED. I think it GREAT KARMA that my wake up call was from a Bill Collector this morn! See there can be blessings in the things which we sometimes find to be annoyances! Sometimes they help us to be more responsible, to grow!

I am grateful for that random call (they must not an ACD system that can leave an answering machine message as I never hear from them.I don't even know what company it was from as they didn't get that far and did not call back.)

OK- TEN minutes of writing. I went over : )

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