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2010-01-26 - 10:52 p.m.

I am a bit tired after a busy evening.I am however happy to have just discovered missing W2 forms tucked in a box under my bed which I need to fill out for my sitter.

I tried to complete those on line, however the password I had expired and that system only will mail a new one. That was a few weeks ago, so had I indicated I wanted a new one sent by now that likely would have arrived. I however didn't want to wait and THOUGHT I would remember to stop at the post office or library to get hard copies of the forms. Thankfully the IRS did mail them to me months ago and I just found them.

I am looking forward to this weekend to relax and enjoy some much needed R & R. This week however has been MUCH better than last!
Last week was just absolutely terrible!

I noticed that it is definitely when ALONE that the PTSD symptoms kick in. Last week , after the receipt of the documents giving me notice my Ex is taking me to court seeking full custody I was most definitely a bit down! I didn't FEEL like going out on the previous Sat night (right after receipt of the notice) but was glad in the end I had committed to doing so as I had a wonderful time bowling with Pocahantas and friends. That sure picked up my spirits!

However the rest of the week I just went to work and then came home and I had just a terrible time with horrible PTSD symptoms kicking in full blown.

It was so terrible. Don't even want to write about it.

However, once Friday rolled around and I became absorbed with the girls and their needs I was MUCH better. Funny how that happened.

On Saturday I actually was sick. I came down with a cold and slept most of the day while letting the little ones have a rare Sat morn in PJs watching videos. It was fun for them as I pulled out some old VHS that they haven't seen: Magic School Bus and Veggie Tales Fest. It was cute hearing them sing all the new Veggie Tales tunes they learned.

Then Sadie had a basketball game which was a great improvement over the game experience of the previous Sat. This time the girls were HAPPY to be with me so it was much more fun to watch Sadie play. Her team won the game 23-13 which was really an exciting one as it had been tied for a while there before Sadie's team took the lead. The other team was really good. The girls were also excited to say hi to a friend from the old child care center they went to that was on the opposing team.

I was happy today to sign my Performance Agreement for 2010. Feel better with each milestone at work, like those performance reviews and the new year's agreement, which are a good thing!

Tired, and my shoulders still are a little achy from the cold. I did visit the Dr. this morning and am happy that I don't have strep throat (which Katie had a little more than a week ago when here with me.)

So much for going to bed early as the Dr advised! I was in PJs by 7:30 and told the girls to get on PJs and brush teeth. It took them until 9pm to settle tonight! I gave them ice cream for desert at around 7pm and I could definitely see the effects as they did not want to go to bed. The length of time it took for them to cooperate was definitely longer than typical tonight!

Done with my rant. One last task before bed now that I have finished procrastinating and unwinding:

Time to complete the W2 Wage Report for my nanny!

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