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2010-02-11 - 1:42 p.m.

I have to laugh at the irony of the fact the my printer that had a warning "ink low" did in fact run out of ink last night as I was printing the hard copy of my response.

I then got an e-mail from the e-mail address I found on line for the Loudoun Circuit Court for some unsuspecting person who got an attachment I had included and sent under separate cover who had NO IDEA what it was and why sent to him!

I am relieved as I just came on line to see he responded to my e-mail that I found his address as a contact for the court, that he said "OH!" and confirmed that in fact he will deliver my documents to the Circuit Court IN BOX.


That is a relief! Especially as now I realize I have only four pages of white paper left and what is then left is our standard BLUE stack of paper that Pocohontas brought here for the girls to use.

Heading out later than I planned today as I decided to just wait til Pocohantas finished caring for the lady she cares for in the AM and can get over here. That way the girls don't have to be driven to Leesburg and back unnecessarily as the reports of the roads around here are still "severe."

Figure I should minimize risk.

I was pleased with the girls pitching in to clean house! I picked up a Betty Croker BON BON mix on Clearance for $1.36 and that was a great positive reinforcer for my helpers.

I discovered the only thing needed to make Bon Bons is MELTED BUTTER ( about 3 Tablespooons) , mixed with POWDERED SUGAR and then whatever you want to flavor the filling with. Roll into balls, chill, then roll in melted chocolate.


And very motivating for the girls!
I made the ones from the mix. I also happened to then have a bowl of powdered sugar and cinnamon out which was from Breakfast ( Sadie was so proud of the French Toast that she made!)

We were out of syrup so that was great on top of the French Toast.

The remainder was mixed into butter and I added coco power and almonds and dried cranberries for MORE BON BONS!

I can't wait to try them. I never made them before. Thanks to the inspiration of the messy basement from the girls playing and needing a motivator to get us ALL cleaning we are all trying something new and fun!

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