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2010-03-09 - 12:04 a.m.

So very psyched to be planning a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail! This one will be fun in the early Spring.

I was SO tired and ready for bed early tonight, but then got an e-mail about the backpacking trip and am jazzed! I enjoyed talking with my marine, who as a good virtual boyfriend is hooking me up with some borrowed gear! Good thing, as I was tempted to file my tax return tonight just in case I needed anything that isn't otherwise in the budget...
WHEW... I can put that off a little bit longer... wait for a day that I AM NOT in a great mood for the pick me up of doing taxes! I am ALREADY in a great mood and don't need such extra joy tonight!

I really was so surprised by the kind offer of borrowed gear. It hadn't occurred to me to ask! I just called to share my excitement of the upcoming trip.

After the offer of borrowed gear, I then realized that Pocohontas can hook me up with almost everything I need as well! WHOO HOOO... And I was checking out gear on E-BAY to see what was there. So nice to have some help from my friends as I definitely would prefer to do a hike with a pack on my back to see how much I enjoy that prior to investing in purchasing my own gear.

My VB is going to also hook me up with some food. Wonder if its marine rations; that will be funny. I am envisioning SPAM. I think I should pick up a can of that just for laughs....

He did give me a tip: Said if I want to impress the snob who said " I am sick of showing up for hikes to see people in jeans. If your not experienced and serious , don't come" , to just boil an egg in a Dixie cup and watch the skeptics wonder and amazement.

The comment regarding the jeans made me think the organizer of this trip sounds like a total snobbish jerk. I mean I have done quite a bit of hiking and often in Jeans! Yes I have layers underneath, and yes jeans are not the best clothing perhaps now that there are such fancy things like gortex...etc.. ( I am sure that is old news and there is something far newer and cooler now)- but they are what I have and I am not investing money in gear I am going to wear only once a year. Jeans with my long-johns will do.

Well... that was what I was thinking until I was gently told "I can give you some pants to borrow that whisk away the moisture and are better for a longer backpacking trip" and was reminded that even though my friends and I did a 10 mile hike in the Fall,that I might want to throw a sandbag in the pack and take it around the block a few times to get used to it.
OH yeah.. that's right... this might be harder, and perhaps there will be something better than jeans.

But seriously, I think sometimes folks make things just a little more complicated than they need be.

I so wish I had swiped the magazine on the airplane when I flew in DEC. When I flew last I asked if they had the old issues and they did not! The in flight magazine was updated and there was not an old one on the plane. There was this GREAT article entitled "The happiest man alive" about this young man who grew up being home-schooled and living in the wild in Utah. I loved the way this guide takes folks out on a weekend trip with the bare minimum of a blanket roll and they learn to fish and provide and survive with only a blanket and bare ingenuity.

It will be strangely ironic, me who prides myself on my light packing of carrying only one small backpack on every trip and never checking bags, that on this next Buffalo trip I will bring along a bigger, and empty bag to bring back rations and gear, as well as the lovely robe and slippers that I have left there and enjoyed the past few visits. I bought the robe for Katerina and she already had one and said she didn't need it so I should keep that for myself. Saw matching slippers and couldn't resist as they were $5.00 at Wall Mart. I brought them up to NY where they sit with the robe. The only problem is that I had been wearing them HERE in VA and now can't find the mate to the other pair that I had here! (One white fluffy slipper missing!)

So as I sit here in a hand me down robe and my feet are a little cold I realize it will be nice to return home with the cushy new soft one and comfy slippers.
Although, it is comforting to think that there is a lovely place in Buffalo in my friend's home that has come to feel like my place to spend time with the kids when in town.

That is such a lovely feeling! It was so nice when Rosita offered the use of her apartment for the years she did so; and now I am so blessed to once again have the use of my friend's place. One of the nicest things is the deepening of friendship as we then also have time to spend together when I am in town staying with friends.

This next trip will be spent mostly at the church the kids go to as they are hosting a youth conference for the weekend and are so excited that I am coming up and want me to be an adult chaperone. I of course am happy to oblige! Katerina and Soren are on the planning committee and they are also involved in the liturgy Sunday morning.

It will be lovely to spend that time with them and their friends, as their church youth group is the focal point of their social lives other than theater for Soren and cheerleading for Katerina.

Those two are just the best kids in the world! Seriously! They are a delight.

Off to bed after a lovely day!

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