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2010-03-11 - 1:01 a.m.

Dream a Little Dream
Uranus Trine Neptune
Feb 21, 2010 to Mar 29, 2010

Without warning, your imagination is on fire and charged up like it hasn't been in years. Don't you dare waste this. Keep a pen and paper handy, and write down each and every brilliant insight that crosses your furrowed brow.

Mercury Opposition Sun
Mar 11, 2010

Getting together with that certain someone may prove to be a bit on the problematic side, thanks to what will seem to be interference from every possible front. Be persistent.

Uranus Trine Neptune
Feb 21, 2010 to Mar 29, 2010

Sure, you're a poet -- but isn't that obvious? More importantly, you're a poet with a mission: to change the world. Get busy. You've got your work cut out for you.

Sun Conjunct Mc
Mar 10, 2010 to Mar 11, 2010

This moment of fame could well last a lot longer than fifteen minutes. Keep a pen handy, because you'll need it. Most fans don't have their own.

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