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2010-03-28 - 1:04 p.m.

I am counting my blessings!

With finances tight I am lucky that the girls Dad didn't take me up on my offer to share clothing for baseball and just give him 1/2 of the receipt for the clothes he got for them!

He offered to take them shopping for baseball uniforms and I said "SURE!" and they enjoyed last Saturday with him.

I was grateful at his kind offer.

But a little surprised when they came back home at 6pm after I told him to enjoy the day and return them whenever, that they came home empty handed.

They said "Those are for his house. For when you are with him."

I said "OH!"

He had laughed when I offered to pay half and said something like "You have no idea what it costs. It will be about $300 dollars"

At which I said "OUCH! Well thank you then, you are right I don't want to pay 1/2 of that!"

WHEW if he took me up on my offer I might have a $150 bill!

Instead, thus far----


E-BAY Buying totals

Active 7
Winning 7
Amount $18.95

I am sure I won't win ALL the bids.

I only need to win a few and both girls will be outfitted. If I win ALL we will then have 6 pairs of baseball pants and four pairs of cleats for the two of them! *Which for a total of $50 total (with shipping!) won't be that bad for the redundancy as they will have practice and games a few times a week and it doesn't hurt to have extra.

But by my estimate I should spend about $25 to outfit both of them.


It cost me about $50 to get tap shoes for the WHOLE family on E-bay! WHOO HOOO!!! And that was done over the course of two years. We are now ALL outfitted.

Ready for the clogging classes that are right her in Purcellville for a total cost of $25 a month! Maybe it will go up by the time we are ready, which will be when my legal fees are paid in full and the girls are ALL old enough to attend as they are a little young now.

But with dance classes that reasonable for familys and E-bay making it possible to find ANYTHING while opening up the market to competition which runs prices DOWN, I am just THRILLED at that opportunity being available now ! (Even if we can't yet afford it!) The last I looked at dance classes it was not even worth considering. Clogging makes it possible! Dance for large, poor country families... HA HA....

I love it! I can even get over the fact that some of the dances were called "The Redneck" and other country names that one would find offensive if a city dweller and not realizing that they were actually laughing at themselves here in the boonies...

I can get over that...

Mainly cause they were gracious and kind to an Asian family that was clogging and I didn't get any prejudicial or racist attitudes.

Off to make lunch for the crew here.

Having a happy day at home!

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