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2010-03-31 - 10:22 a.m.

"Excellence embodies passion ...selection of the finest quality...combined with craftsmanship and expertise, culminated in a gourmet... par EXCELLENCE" SEEKING a "full bodied dark... masterfully balanced" man "to be neither bittter nor overpowering.

There it is. The Match ad which I ran a few years ago after copied the text off the Lindt Dark Chocolate Bar while studying for the BAR exam. I am pulling that text, but I thought it was a clever ad, and it sure had alot of responses. So I want to save it here before it is gone! Just in case I actually REALLY want to run an ad again as it was effective! Had it not been for that forum I wouldn't have some of the friends who came into my life and have been a great blessing. I wouldn't have the home I am in NOW. The man I was dating who was respecting my fierce independence and the "NO!" when he offered to rent his cottage to me, and respected my independence when I said "Please don't take it personally but I really don't want help or company when looking at houses for my family" WAS in the end the one who found THIS HOUSE. He had called to say "I know you want to do this alone and that is important to you... but JUST in case, there is this great house in Purcellville and my old realtor can show you it tonight." I recall it was after returning home with kids in tow and having looked at yet another round of places when I thought I was so tired I couldn't imagine going out yet again. I mustered up the energy and kids back in the car and went. And lo and behold we have lived here since. This home was found just weeks before eviction. I moved in just 5 days before the date of being evicted with my kids in tow. It was also on I had become friends with a fabulous real estate agent in MD, one I did spend time with along with my group of friends, and talked and corresponded a lot with. We really enjoy our friendship. I had met the man I decided to continue to see and give that a whirl so actually called and cancelled what would have been the first date with that awesome realtor from MD before we ever went on a date! That was after months of the friendship and having enjoyed his company with the group of my friends here. *Screening ladies... if the dude is seriously interested he will actually meet your friends and spend time socially first even BEFORE a first date. If he only wants a fling... well then he won't bother.... Anyway, Had he not been in my life due to Match, I have no idea if I could have GOTTEN this place as the realtor listing had a gatekeeper office gal who was trying to get paperwork signed that claimed interest in a MORTGAGE in order to pull credit reports! That wasn't happening, as there WAS no interest in a mortgage. The redline of changing that to say "interested for lease" was not acceptable to her, so she wasn't going to be able to pull the credit report. Realtor friend came to the rescue and in that short window of 24 hrs the credit reports needed were in her in box! SO I have to say, that initial MATCH profile was an AMAZING INVESTMENT! However at this point, not sure it will behoove me to keep it! At least not with that profile! But hey it is a good one... I did meet the nice BF who was good to me for those two years. For now though I am a little bummed there seems to be NO mechanism to ask for a refund. I think there is a 1-800 # somewhere.. back to looking for it. I am thinking MAYBE I can get the refund if I cancel soon enough after the automatic renewal?? If not I will at least update it to say something like "Seeking personal accountant to prevent renewal of subscription service I don't need or currently use so I don't have any financial surprises that are irritating! Sorry not here for a date, have enough of those- but being frugal, might as well use this service for some function!" UPDATE: This is HILARIOUS! I changed my profile and just came back on line to see this message: "Unfortunately, we are unable to approve it at this time. Please submit another profile or alter the text you previously sent by following these steps: Profile Guidelines: * All information provided must be accurate and current * Must be in English..." The Change was REMOVAL of the TEXT ABOVE from the Lindt Chocolate wrapper and replacing with the below: A QUOTE from Pippi Longstocking: (Abridged to fit the space with some edits not here) " The clown...I can keep in the laundry, but its harder to know what to do with the horses" "Oh don't be silly. You don't buy a circus. It costs money to go and look..." "Preserve us!" cried Pippi and shut her eyes tightly." Its costs money to LOOK? And here I go googling all day long. Goodness knows how much money I've googled up already!" OK I thought that was a HILARIOUS quote, and a FUN start to a profile- the remainder of which remained substantially the same, that I am a busy mom devoted to kids welcoming a date with a gentleman friend for some adult time once in a while. Can't imagine WHY they denied that change except maybe they thought the fun inversion of their ad slogan was not appropriate?" It is after all "Its free to look" And I just thought the quote Hilarious as its likely the ONLY place I have actually ever seen the word GOOGLE in print other than and in reference to GOOGLE. Love that quote! Next to a love of Chocolate, the fact of my happy home reminding me of Villavillakula is indeed one of the best descriptors I can think of to describe WHO I AM! So kinda bummed that was not approved. Not cause I really think Match has anything fabulous to offer me right now other than a fun diversion this morn as I am working on the serious business of budget balancing. Feels however that balancing act is harder than the one Pippi did in that that latest chapter of the bedtime story... and about almost as realistic of a goal as me joining a circus! *HA HA At least NOW that is... give it a few more weeks when I will likely have picked up A NEW part time job and I am sure it will all work out again LIKE ALWAYS. Job hunting on the agenda as I think it necessary again. The part time job I had through FAll was such a gift. That ended however as the Church was ALSO in the red and it wasn't getting better for them. Taxes due on that earned income gave me an OUCH this week... Ce la vie... It bridged the gap in the Fall. Something good will happen to make it all continue to balance out. It always does! And I am off to look for ways to make it happen as when those good things happen it is because I look for the opportunities. One has to actively look to find what they need; and then lo and behold-- it is found.

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