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2010-04-02 - 1:06 a.m.

Lovely day!

A bit late to bed, however I stayed up to watch a good movie with "the Date" who was also awake at 10:30 am and came over to join me for the hour and a half we watched "Proof."

I REALLY enjoyed that movie.

Nice to see my friend as well for the brief period, to relax and have company.

I had been too tired and also had the girls up a little later than usual for the usual Wed night movie night with friends but as I was awake and still up when I got an IM hello I said - Come over if you'd like.

Today was fun shopping with the girls for new Easter Dresses.

We then went to the International Market and got some wonderful food: Asian noodles,Curry sauces, thai peanut satay sauce, salmon and a white fish from the marker, and lovely fresh veggies and fruit.

I came on here however to report on the excitement of winning the E-Bay bid on two pairs of cleats, for a total of $16.00 for BOTH pairs including shipping and handling!

One bid was posted with $4.00 for shipping and I won the pair for a ninty nine cent bid + shipping.


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