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2010-05-16 - 6:05 p.m.

Awaiting the arrival of a Pizza as Papa John's has a $10.00 Special, and we were cranking on chores today cleaning out the house of anything we don't need so I realized no time to cook dinner before 6:30 pm Mass.

The girls like the music at that Mass.

So happy a lovely couple is having a big yard sale to benefit Children in Ethiopia. The girls were terriffic in weeding out their toys and books so we could get rid of excess stuff!

I am happy to have enrolled in the program How to Drive Anger out of your HOME by Dr. Andrew Kane, which is part of his ADHD Advances and ODD behavior management program.

He has a few short videos with tips (that are available for all) which I found great. He offered two tips of ideas I had not heard before, that I think WERE helpful!

So I figure it can't hurt! And it is cheaper that the alternative which is a $15 co pay for EACH child to bring them EACH to a therapist!

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