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2010-06-15 - 8:11 p.m.

I came here to write, but I sometimes check to see who is reading, as frankly I feel MORE comfortable when I know there are not many hits on this site.

So discovering 31 hits from a BUFFALO FAMILY LAW firm yesterday was a little irritating.

Maybe it is just a friend working out of some firm.

But I mean I already have one Ex who's lawyers are the only ones who read this darn site.
To suddenly see 31 hits from a domestic lawyer in Buffalo is I HOPE just coincidence and not an indication that the readership has grown to include the lawyers of BOTH EXs!

I would not have expected that as my first Ex and I have been amicable and work out issues regarding the kids together rather well I believe.

I would hope that if he had some concern he would have the courtosey of open communication and discussion as I see no reason he andI can not discuss anything and come to agreement. Unlike the 2nd EX we have NOT had any contentious communication.

Just disappointing as I didn't yet make travel plans with him for the teenagers to come here as I don't want to do so UNTIL I KNOW FOR SURE That I have the closing of the new house CODIFIED and set in stone.

I planned on closing last Thursday. One more kink in the paperwork to iron our that the underwriters have asked for.

The thing is, once again, there is an ODDITY of a record of something not able to be found- this time MY IRS TAXES FOR 2010! They WERE mailed and filed on time. I EVEN HAD REDUNDENCY and the WEIRD thing is that there should ALSO BE E-MAIL FILES that would substantiate and prove my filing of this particular paperwork.

Fortunately I DO HAVE A HARD COPY of a sent and cancelled check.

The image I send of THAT file was received by the loan officer in a corrupted form, as were my other files on this particular item.

Once again, a WEIRD electronic history of somethign I UNEQUIVOKELY TOOK CARE OF.

So far however, we have successfull found a work around for EVERY HURDLE.

When the loan officer wanted my LISCENCE, and that one item (that I NEVER LOSE) disappeared, a copy of my passport sufficed (as one example of the work around.)

It is just once again astounding that the paper trail is so hard to find and follow.

I am SO used to this I don't really get flustered anymore.

But its irritating as I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE E-MAILS on this one particular item and they are no where to be found.

CE la vie...
Life goes on, and I will figure out a work around and I WILL Be closing on this house on THU!

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