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2010-06-17 - 3:47 a.m.

I am feeling better this AM about the discussion of whether or not we should LOCK Raitlin in her room.

I have held the line on this dispute and believe I am correct to do so. Super Nanny wants to be able to lock the kid in her bedroom until she calms down and I have said NO, that I think holding the door shut is sufficient and works.

Last night Raitlin did have the difficult behavior again, which she has had of late which is not a surprise as we are in a transition phase.

Transition is ALWAYS hard for ADHD kids.

The house being disrupted with packing and getting ready to move, as well as end of year, and our nanny and daughter moving back in have all been changes that of course would affect the girls.

So Raitlin last night had the same behavior with me that she had with Super Nanny the night before.

I did feel badly for Supernanny who did get bruised in her carrying Ratilin who was kicking and fighting up to her room. (Which is why I said if it is too much to carry her then disengage and remove everyone else with SOME natural prompt like "Alexy, come up to brush you teeth" or "Sadie, you may go to your room to read Harry Potter now")

I figure it is just not that hard to ignore a feisty Raitin for a moment and give her the time to calm wherever she is and re-direct AFTER she is calm.

I however am in agreement that a response is BEST, but don't want anyone hurt!

Last night however I was the one who responded to the Raitlin moment of defiance and fighting over a simple thing. This was the enforcement of the "No liquids after 7pm rule" and simple enforcement of bedtime.

The rules were tested again- Boy for some reason the past few weeks the girls come back testing ALL the rules and limits and have been MUCH more challenging !

But I held firm, even when it required throwing aside the crutches and chasing the kid til I caught her and carried her up to her room- yes, resistant, and kicking and screaming like she will do.

The funny thing is that after she calms down, after the holding of the door and the insisting she remain in bed, and after the moment passes, I am struck at just how ANGELIC and SWEET and BEAUTIFUL this child is!

I mean she really is just so darling that it is amazing how lovely the time with her when she calms and comes to me asking for a hug and a back rub and is so very sweet in saying "I am sorry Mommy"

I hope that Super Nanny (Pocohontas) gets THAT time with her as well!

The trouble is that the girls Dad has been calling Pocohantas "Crazy Lady"

She is a fabulous nanny. At times a little too strict for my taste, however my issues with that are no different than my issues with HIM as a parent were- but for the fact that super nanny NEVER goes overboard with physical discipline and psycological abuse the way he does. So it baffles me that he attacks her, she who's parenting style is closer to his than to mine.

I mean I hired Super Nanny who I think if one put on the flowing robes of Mother Theresa's Missionarys Of Charity could impersonate a Mother Superior in an orphanage school of years ago VERY WELL...

That thought made me laugh. I read a quote to Pocohantas from Mother Theresa who is on my mind, as Pocohontas' big pet peeve is that here in the U.S. everyone throw out GREAT STUFF that others' in their OWN COMMUNITY have need or use for!

She is baffled by that, and is known to do things like trash collect the good stuff and then bring it over to Blue Ridge Thrift with amazement that anyone can be so lazy as to not take the time to drive four items over four blocks rather than tossing them at the curb.

After a recent rant of Pocohontas on the topic, finding a Mother Thersa quote of HER comment that is the only thing that makes HER ANGRY was really neat.

Its 4AM prime time for me to do work. I am still in that habit that I developed ever since law school of waking at this time to get work done. I like the quiet.
I am energized and awake at this time and DEFINATELY an early morning person.

I often get MORE DONE between 4am and 9am, during my prime time! Trouble is I THEN go into work at 10am and have to break myself of that habit of expending all my energy and effort BEFORE going to work and then being Tired and not as sharp during those later hours AT WORK.

I think 4am to NOON would be my IDEAL work schedule!

If I were one of those who remoted in and worked from home, I think those would be my prime time work hours and then I would just check in periodically later in the day to tie up loose ends.

as I think
Life WORK BALANCE is FRAGILE and needs to be PROTECTED first and foremost.

For anyone like me who has BATTLED WORKAHOLISM , one becomes a bit vigilant, like an alocoholic with awareness, to stay away from temptation!

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