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2010-07-12 - 2:40 a.m.

I LOVE the feature "SYSTEM RESTORE"!

Made the mistake of trying to set up my new Internet Connection tonight.

First of all , kinda forgot this is the WORK PC that I brough home for the proposal to work on all weekend.

* SORT OF...
Wanted to connect rather than borrow neighbor's bandwith!

But friend/neighbor offered bandwidth and THAT WAS WORKING FINE...
so should have left well enough alone.

Played around for a few hours, then had to figure out how to use SYSTEM RESORE Back to a prior point as at some point during the installation I kinda FORGOT this laptop was the WORK Laoptop rather than my own.

2:40 AM

Attempts at working all weekend just FAILED.

Plain and simple: Can't do it with the girls home!

They were VERY GOOD today! They do however need constant attention and the Veggie Tales only work at keeping kids content for a while.


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