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2010-07-13 - 6:15 a.m.

Figures,that this morn when I decided perhaps I should prepare for Trial a little- despite my resistance at even being engaged and playing this game, it seems the one bag with my personal laptop and a few items I decided would be good evidence, is missing in action.

NOWHERE To be found in this small house.

It is a small house.

Not TOO MANY places for it to be lurking about.

The items I wasnted were:

"Peter's Wife"

Although I wasn't going to stoop so low as to take a child's personal writing and use it as evidence as I think that is so ridiculous; it was done already by Dad who somehow thought (along with the tesimony of a Psycologist) that it significant that Katie changed the "Fairy Godmother" in her story to a "Fairy Godfather"

Of course that IS significant as it most clearly indicates that this child does not trust ANYONE BUT HER FATHER to be her protector.

That is in fact CRYSTAL CLEAR.

He has nurtured and taught that very well: NO ONE BUT DADDY IS TO BE TRUSTED


So even though it hadn't been on my Things TO DO List, I decided maybe I should just dig up "Peter's Wife"

There was a story told in court of how devastated Katie was to not be able to read at Writing Under the Stars as we got there too late. TRUE WE DID

But she was really most upset her name was called for a prize and because SHE wasn't physically there they gave her prize to another kid. I laughed at the time at how ludicrious it was for the school to then BLAME ME for THEIR CHOICE To do so-- especically when they COULD have just had HER FATHER who WAS THERE hold the prize until Kerry arrived all of 10 minutes later.

But once again, it seems to me the school PREFERS to seek out ways to Blame me and see me as this evil mother

The persona of the evil stepmother in the fairy tale has been given to me; and the school sees him as the Fairy Godfather



So apt.

Yet I think the Psycologist missed that connection....

The other thing in that bag that I thought might be useful is the ATTENDANCE AWARD that SADIE won for STELLAR ATTENDANCE at EMERICK ELEMENTARY!


That would have been the year that I first moved from the farm to a fabulous home WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE of the school she was currently attending!

That would be the SAME year her Dad did not agree to put ALL THE KIDS in that school when I asked if he would consider doing so , such that ALL THE KIDS could WALK EVERY DAY and have NO EXCUSES FOR BEING LATE EVER.

A six minute walk.

Yet instead he then filed a MOTION to COMPEL the kids NOT BE MOVED From Lincoln Elementary, despite the fact all I did was ask if he would support them going to Emerick.

I think the motion was filed some time after my inquiry actually-- as in MONTHS later, seemingly out of the blue.

It was that years weird legal action- with bizarre allegation I had threatened to move them from school.

So weird at the time.

Only NOW do I see WHY That was so important to him- as he was entrenched in Lincoln and emeshed in the community and working on his case back then- ramping up for the custody case, and the Emerick school community was MUCH HARDER TO MANIPULATE as it is LARGER to begin with, but also as the PTO there has a bit more control over things like volunteers.

I know as when I was attmpting to volunteer there and coordinate READING WEEK activities it was the WEIRDEST thing I ever experienced- the politics of it being downright DIFFICULT to be involved if one was not part of the PTO community. It was odd. They shot down my organized effort for National Reading Week activities, saying something like the flyer did not go home with enough advanced notice ahead of time-- when I had THREE Events organized and OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED AND COMMITTED already; yet then the week later they sent home flyers on MOn for somthing happening that Friday but my two weeks notice was not adequate?

It was very bizarre. I recall having lined up a ballgame between teachers and students, with the gym teacher and a few teachers and parents game to play the kids, and a Pro Umpire from the Fredrick Keys committed to come and give out incentives to kids that read a certain # of hours that month.

I had a Poetry slam planned! And Sadie was on board as well as the Librarian. I had already circulated a letter to all the teachers encouraging students to write poems and enter.


Funny I thought of that, as when they were talking about Katie being so upset at not being able to read her story that is NOT WHAT I RECALL. It was funny as Katie told me SHE DID NOT WANT TO GO to Writing Under the Stars.

That is the hilarious part about it- that my kids WERE NOT INTERESTED! (Despite the fact I LOVE THAT EVENT!)

Despite the fact her Dad and TEACHERS wanted her to read her story.

Katie however WAS VERY UPSET that the pricipal would not allow her to read "Peter's Wife"

which she wrote of Peter Peter Pumkin Eater's wife.

The principal said it was not appropriate.

Upon hearing that, I pulled out the children't book of POE and flipped to the RAVEN which was read in school to the girls.

I told them that I am SURE alot of the people who KNEW POE personally found his writing very uncomforable because it was DARK and handled some difficult issued. We read parts of his writing and discussed how he was handling his own mental illness by writing.

I told the girls they CAN ALWAYS WRITE ABOUT WHATEVER THEY WANT, HOWEVER THEY WANT and that it is healthy to do so- and never to be ashamed, but it is OK if others are not comfortable with their writing. That DOESN'T MEAN THEIR WRITING IS NOT ANY GOOD.

Well I feel better now, and if I don't find Peter's Wife, that's OK too.

I do think that, along with the brilliance of the Cinderella story that has a Fairy Godfather, is yet another brilliant twist on a classic:

In that version, Peter's wife left due to domestic violence.

I think it just amazing that in her writing my brilliant child has captured both domestic violence AND STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!!

She IS A BRILLIANT, REMARKABLE CHILD which makes me worry less about her, even though she has those mood swings and moments of volitity.

She has been doing VERY WELL lately.

A few great resources help: Our fabulous counselor who I need to call as I forgot to scheule TONIGHT's session and Katie was talking about going to see her counselor yesterday. SHE LOVES GOING.

REsource of Dr. Anthony Kane which I found on the WEB was really good. Highly recommend his materials and program for parents of ADHD and ODD kids.

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