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2010-07-15 - 7:54 a.m.


Today is Katie's birthday and we are excited to have a CONSTUCTION ZONE pary. I just realized I should invite the old neighbor boy whom the girls would play with! They dug a HUGE hole, and then filled it with water, and then built a bridge over it which they painted with paint from the Dad's shed. They wore bike helmets as hard hats, and someone was the OSHA inspector...
It was a favorite game, so I thought of making it the party theme.

I came back here with delight at finding a photo of the SAME CAKE RECIPIE Katerina and Soren and I had more fun making for Alexy's birthday last year!

I was going to order the TOOL CAKE that Baskin Robbins sells lots of for Father's Day. The girls were thrilled we got that for Daddy one year. I thought Katie would LOVE IT- too late as they need 30 hours notice and in the disruption of this week I forgot to call it in ahead.

I can get one at Giant or Bloom as they will decorate nicely, or the kids might have fun making another ice cream cake. We shall see...

I will stop on the way to work at our old neighbor to see if the boy wants to come over tonight to our new house for the CONSTUCTION ZONE PARTY.

I KNOW Katie will love this. We even have a chief civil engineer badge for her... I think! My friend is adept at label making and has badges being made and hard hats for kids from Home Depot! AWESOME PARTY FAVORS!

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