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2010-07-23 - 8:03 a.m.

Official status of the custody case has been

"Under Advisement" for the past week until yesterday when it changed to

"No Longer Under Advisement" and it was notated

"Letter Opinion" had been filed and sent by the Judge.

As I got a ride to work I couldn't run out at lunch hour to check it out.

As I am working remotely today in order to run an errand locally so my one teenager can start volunteer work and needs a notarized consent form, I will just patiently await the mail which will come today or tomorrow or Mon at the latest.

I am confident nothing will change for the worst.

I enjoyed the most fabulous week of BIKE RIDING!

Gave nanny use of the car, and I have relied on the bus and bike.

I clocked 24 miles on one glorious beautiful summer day! That was a day that I also worked an 8 hour shift AND read a novel for an hour!

I absolutely LOVE THE IMPROVEMENT IN QUALITY OF LIFE when I take public transportation!

It forces me to RELAX and I
READ for pleasure which is something I otherwise don't find time to do often!

So this has been a surprisingly wonderful week!

The exercise make SUCH a HUGE difference for me!

My fabulous boss insisted on micromanaging me a bit... but really to ensure I don't take on more than realistic to keep me focused and in flow and not with a crazy work load that leaves me scrambling and working over weekends to play catch up.


I think she really is an amazing manager the more I think of how she works so thoughtfully with me and everyone else.

It was kind of her to pull me back during the custody case.

And it was awesome that she is as supportive and I am getting TRUSTING of my ABILITY (which at first I didn't get from the pull back of me... I think she was wisely PROACTIVE and I was feeling a little insecure and defensive due to feeling seriously attacked in the court etc..!)

So I am feeling MUCH BETTER about work!

Medication change seems to be working sufficiently to manage ADHD symptoms, but much better than the stimulant that did have side effects when stressed.

Saw my old boss which was nice. She is always a cheerful positive person and I appreciate the good vibes and encouragement I get from here even at brief interaction!

Everyone has a different method of mentoring and I usually do well with the honest constructive criticism so TOLD my lead CM and my boss to NEVER PULL ANY PUNCHES so I can be the best I can be.

Trouble is that I was then feeling a bit beat up...
and emotionally was not in a position of strength to gracefully handle that!

Sometimes I overestimate my own strength!

So I am feeling better now and also feel like when it was clear I was hitting tat breaking point of my resilient stubborn strong self, both the Boss and CM lead have been gentler on me.

Which I am grateful for.

The last 6 months were just not the time for me to be able to focus on the self improvement plan at work as I hoped!

It was just a bit too much for me to handle and truth was I was using every bit of energy to try to focus and do my job well enough CONSISTENTLY to be ACCEPTABLE and MAINTAIN MY JOB!

WHEW... I feel like I made it over that hurdle of a challenge in my life path.

I hope to get a lovely positive Letter Opinion, and a harsh ruling indicating that there may be NO MORE FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS DESIGNED TO ATTACK ME
and that I can have some REAL PEACE in my life!

I pray for the healing of my supportive Marine Friend and peace in his life.

I hope that Pocohontas may enjoy the PEACE and time to focus on HER PERSONAL GOALS this coming year as ALL THE KIDS will be in school and her hours will be cut, but her pay will NOT BE (which has been our agreement! I couldn't afford to pay here more upfront... but by keeping her salary the SAME even when the hours are cut offered here that long term incentive and the reward LATER for all here dedication and hard work to our family!)

I hope we finish up the organizing and settling in and finally achieve the PEACEFUL HAPPY ROUTINE WE HAVE BEEN STRIVING FOR!

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