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2010-07-27 - 8:23 p.m.

I have gotten my Marine Virtual Boyfriend's address with at least the last two deployments with the intention of having the kids all make cards and bake brownies and send a care package in thanks for his Service. I always had big plans of a family activity to teach gratitude to those who serve. I have a habit of writing letters to deployed strangers at every letter writing campaign of stories from home that I think some stranger might actually enjoy.

So it is kind of sad that my thought of a big box never was actualized! I have thought of what favorite books I would send... I have thought of To Kill a Mockingbird, and Uncle Tom's Cabin, and My Antonia, and Falkner, and Hemmingway and Joyce Carol Oates and Mark Twain.

I do have the biggest trouble with follow through.

So I decided to harness the motivation of my Marine to get my lazy butt out exercising. Knowing that while he lays down and heals that he can not do all those things that he loves, I feel like it is the best tribute to him to make the effort to work at bettering myself and do those things I THINK ABOUT but don't have the discipline to do.

SO I am trying to be motivated by my Marine in Spirit.

Trying to use this time in which I cannot hear his voice to do that which can best help me handle this time, and send my love in the way I can- by a dedicated tribute of my own effort and discipline- which coming from someone NOT very disciplines I hope expresses love and dedication.

Darn that is hard!

So that was my thought...

And I went to the gym one day, and even made it a 2nd.

BUT THEN, the motivation of my car not being able to be run was a HUGE HELP!
And so I am THRILLED to report that I actually enjoyed a wonderous 17 mile ride on my bike one evening home.

So it is with a bit of shame that only now that my sweet Marine is in the hospital recovering from a tramatic brain injury do I have my girls finally making cards for him!

GET WELL CARDS were not what I had in mind!

I always envisioned "THANK YOU" Cards

Girls are making cards now. I am letting them stay up a little later to get these done.

I sent my card.

It said "Glad to hear you are getting fixed"

I hope he likes it!

Good news is that he WALKED ,and today he spoke his first word since the accident

It was a well loved one, his trademark "Sugar"!!!

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