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2010-07-29 - 6:35 a.m.

The Letter Opinion arrived yesterday ( or the day before?)

I have that short term memory trouble still...

It actually was a well written, compassionate and fair ruling based on the evidence the judge saw before him. Custody was shifted during the school year to Dad, with me having the girls on Wed night to Thu morn and every other weekend. The evidence of lateness to school- and YES I WAS LATE FOR COURT were determinative. I was happy that the judge displayed respect for my expression that I thought the whole thing was ridiculous. He could have ordered contempt for me having repeatedly walked out of court. However I think it was well articulated that my actual exiting the courtroom at lies I heard and consiously choosing to disengage and refusing to participate in a process of attacking the other party, and attesting that the whole court system of choosing one parent over the other is FLAWED and the whole process makes a mockery of justice. I think there WAS respect for that expression, or he would not have been so thoughtful in his listening and NOT issuing contempt or even appearing flustered at my expression. Judges know more than anyone we have a flawed system. They also know when someone is giving them BS But the thing is, they STILL Have to rule professionally on the actual evidence they see before them. So I respect the judge's professionalism as the only evidence was in fact that I was late and I get kids late to school. So being stuck with this paradigm of CHOOSING one home OVER ANOTHER which is ridiculously how the court looks at things-- he choose as he saw fit based on what was before him.

The result was a bit surprising as I really think the judge took his time and was careful in his review and I thought would have seen enough evidence (as I wove the argument from the evidence the other lawyer so carefully prepared)- that I thought there would not be a custody shift.

I mean the evidence of obsessive stalking like behavior of watching me was clear when writing I used a pen name for on a third party self help site (for ADHD, or PTSD or BIPOLAR) was introduced in court.

However the case brought forth was NOT for stalking!

My ex was not on trial-- as (perhaps the judge might have noticed??) not only did I argue , but I actually walked the walk of my mantra of REFUSING TO ATTACK MY EX.

I mean, why does anyone attack the other parent of their children?

NO matter WHAT the problems and limitations of another parent, I am STILL CONVINCED it is BETTER for KIDS to foster a LOVING RELATIONSHIP with BOTH PARENTS.

Off to work.
Then the County Fair with the kids tonight!

I am going to just enjoy the time I do have with them all.

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